Chokes and Anti-Grappling (diary entry)


My fourth session on foundation self-protection briefly re-capped on pre-emptive striking and layered this part with more work on incidental combinations as well as the removal of obstructions. We then went back over recovery and asymmetrical ground defence. From the ground we looked at kicks again and drilled a transitional kicking exercise, focusing on round kicks. This brought to where we left off on the previous session: anti-grappling.

We revised eye-gouging, head-butts and close-quarter striking. This is based on the premise that the client will strike whenever possible, a behaviour that was brought in previously with a specific exercise. I moved onto bites and finger-breaks before moving into combat grappling. Here I introduced my client to the rear naked “choke”. We drilled it as a muscle memory exercise and then as a direct application, including getting the back position.  

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