Changing Levels in Grappling (diary entry)

single leg 2


My second Saturday morning lesson saw my two junior clients enter their fourth hour of a 10 hour course on clinch/stand-up grappling. We looked more in depth into the waist-lock and taking the back, and I introduced the single-leg take down.

We warmed up with a revision on break-falls and rolls. With this confirmed we got straight into some bulling and pummelling. From bulling I introduced the two-on-one position, controlling the arm. There were elements from this, such as using the head and getting several points on one limb that would be touched back again on when we covered the single-leg take down.

From pummelling we looked at taking the back from the under-hook and also briefly touched upon blocking the hip and pick ups. Then I introduced changing levels for low-line take downs. From here I taught the classic single-leg take down.

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