Chaining Punches with Everything Else! (diary entry)





Monday night brought my client up to the fifth hour of her third Muay Thai course. We are focusing on punching specifically and tonight we looked at better chaining of all the punches with each other and then in combination.


The lesson began with some a warm-up of line work, just looking at the individual punches. Four types of jab, the basic cross, four types of hook and two types of uppercut were covered as trained them at different levels, and from orthodox and southpaw stances. Slipping was also incorporated a lot. We then used them with mirror footwork. Whilst in southpaw stance we looked at its unique qualities working from the outside and leading with a cross as well as the use of up-jabs and corkscrew uppercuts.


Gloves were then donned and the six-punch combination was brought in a long with freestyle variations and work within the clinch to the belly pad. The shoulder bump was also introduced and we worked a lot more with changing ranges.


I then chained in kicks, knees, clinches and elbows. We put a rear round kick on a jab, a lead teep on a jab/cross and a rear diagonal clinch knee/rear horizontal elbow on a jab/cross/hook.


The lesson finished with one round of Boxing sparring and one round of Muay Thai sparring.

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