Switching Butterfly Guard (diary entry)


21.09.20 The seventh part of client’s submission grappling and ground-fighting course continued work on the omoplata and we also looked at the butterfly guard. After a warm-up of technique callisthenics and solo training exercises the two lockdown partners went back through the omoplata shoulder lock. After we had reviewed the details of this submission we looked at variations. This included the wrist-lock and the toe-hold. From butterfly guard we looked at a simple sweep as well as taking the back […]

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Kick Camouflage (diary entry)

video teaching oblique kick intro

12.05.20 My teacher training lesson was taught around partner-work as my client is self-isolated with her daughter. We continued our Muay Thai/Dutch Kickboxing merger work. Next lesson we look to put in more dirty boxing work. The overall objective of this training is work in and out of ranges with the emphasis on striking. Tonight footwork and fast hand combinations were used to set up everything else. We warmed up with footwork, using the training area to its full extent. […]

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Eight Rounds and then Sparring (diary entry)

ground and pound

12.03.20   Thursday night’s second session was the penultimate private lesson in my junior client’s first MMA course. We had a hard night’s training, going through the different ranges for three minute rounds on the pads before sparring.   After our usual dynamic stretching and sport specific callisthenics we went straight into the rounds. The 8 x 3 minute rounds consisted of Boxing, Shoot-Boxing, Kickboxing, Shoot-Kickboxing, Ground ‘n Pound, Guard Defence, Turtle Defence and Back Mount attacks. Then we sparred […]

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Grappling & Anti Grappling Continues at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

eye gouge

27.11.19   Wednesday’s lunchtime lesson continued my self-protection course at Kingham Hill School. Today we continued our work on combat grappling and anti-grappling. This included working from the clinch and the ground. We warmed up with various clinching drills taught in the previous lesson. This included neckties, under-hooking and wrist-grips. Then I had one student resist whilst the other tried to pull them off balance with a grip. This was an exercise to get the foundations right when being grappled. […]

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Takedown Defence & Dissecting Set-ups (diary entry)

pawing long guard thai

04.09.19   Wednesday’s junior lesson focused on takedown defence. The senior lesson looked at details for using the hands to set up round kicks, spear knees and round knee strikes.   The junior lesson began with dynamic stretching and wresting callisthenics. Then we did some footwork for wrestling, looking at dropping levels and movement from a low stance. Next we did some bulling from the collar and elbow tie, moving into outer reap takedowns and two on-on-ones. Then we moved […]

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Beyond the Southpaw (diary entry)

muay thai

14.08.19   My regular Wednesday client had a special extended lesson tonight, where we focused more on switch-hitting. We specifically looked at fighting from a southpaw perspective and countering a southpaw from an orthodox stance. This is something I will also address in tomorrow’s lesson with my other client’s new course on sparring.   The lesson began with some more work on the agility ladders. I added in a shifting/pendulum movement and also focused moving in and out an attack […]

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Here’s the Hook (diary entry)

hook punch

30.10.18   Tonight’s lesson was my new client’s second hour of a scheduled 10 hour course on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We looked at better for force generation for the cross punch and I also introduced the hook.   We began with some shadow boxing, focusing on footwork. This changed to mirror footwork, where I layered in upper body movement – slipping, ducking, and bobbing and weaving. Training then went onto the focus mitts. Here we […]

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MMA Escapes and Submissions Begin (diary entry)

armbar from guard5 (close up)

01.09.18   This morning was my client’s penultimate lesson is a scheduled 10 hour course on MMA Ground-Fighting. After some discussion, we have decided to extend the course due to the sophisticated nature of submission fighting. Today we focused on basic escapes and began guard-work.   The warm-up was entirely geared towards callisthenics from underneath – snaking, bridging and crab-crawls. We then did a partner warm-up using bridges (upas) from underneath side-control.   We looked at escapes from four major […]

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MMA Guard-Work (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing4

25.08.18 This morning my client completed his seventh hour of a 10 hour course on MMA Ground-Fighting. We continued our work on fighting from the top position in the guard and then began work from the guard position for MMA. Striking and defending strikes from these positions is an art unto itself, requiring a lot of work looking at how to transition effectively. We warmed up with both top and bottom position callisthenics. Bear crawls, stiff-legged bear crawls, lizard crawls, […]

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Footwork Trilogy Conclusion (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker

22.04.18   This morning’s lesson was my client’s final two hours of a 10 hour course on Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross-Training. We revised head movement, which had been his primary interest when he first booked my services, and then focused the majority of the lesson on integrating footwork patterns. We looked at the L-Step and then the V-Step. Regular readers will note that this completes the trilogy of my lessons this week that have focused on the latter […]

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Kick ‘n Clinch (diary entry)


15.09.16 Tonight’s double lesson comprised of the second and third classes in my client’s course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. This is the fourth and fifth lessons in my client’s second course of classes with me. We split lessons up into kickboxing skills and Thai clinch-work. I like this format when it comes to Muay Thai as although these ranges converge and over-lap they are quite distinctive stages of a fight. The kickboxing class mainly looked […]

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Teenage Travelsafe Part 2 (diary entry)


18.08.15 I taught the second of a two-part intensive course on self-protection for teenagers. Revising the importance of attitude and how it underlines physical performance, I warmed everyone up with some walking exercises. Here the attendees moved from one end of the training area to the other, but each time I intensified the visualization. I used it to overlap their physical application of skills by having them think they were about to respond to an attack. We looked at natural […]

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Weapon Evasion to Engagement (diary entry)


22.07.15 The sixth in the CCMA course on weapons for martial arts cross training was a revision of the past five lessons, moving into grappling with striking. We began using the single and double sticks, moving through postures and varying angle patterns as part of the warm-up. Then we moved onto evasive movements against the sticks and the knife I introduced a simple pivoting response to attack incoming slashes with the knife and then built on it with unarmed strikes […]

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Mordred’s Victory – First Trailer

Mordred's Victory - First Trailer

The first trailer of Jamie Clubb's ebook, "Mordred's Victory and Other Martial Mutterings", provides an exceprt with footage of specific training. The ebook contains, a revised, re-edited and newly annotated chapter focusing on this, the highest point of CCMA's "Hierarchy of Training". Order your copy here.

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Social Media Self-Protection Dilemma?

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is not an easy topic to address. It is not easy because it concens the potentially negative side of social media again and I duly note the apparent irony. I rely a lot on social media in order to promote awareness of my services and my work in general. This post, like all my online material, will be linked through […]

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