Back to Mirror Stance Training (diary entry)

southpaw combo

28.11.2022 As the title suggests my client’s fourth hour of her second Muay Thai course brought us back to mirror stance training. We looked at some simple southpaw combinations, taking advantage of an angled position with the lead leg outside the opponent’s mirrored lead leg. We began with using the rear hand straights as a jabbing and power weapon. Then we brought in the lead hook, using it as an overhand hook. Here we looked at slipping the jab and […]

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Layering Jab Counters (diary entry)


23.11.2022 My senior client had a 1.5 hour lesson focusing on boxing. We continued with the Cuban influence and looked at the same jab counters covered in Tuesday night’s lesson. However, we had time to layer in some extra punches, putting a cross to the head on the end of the dip/body jab for example. I also did a small amount of work on the Philly shell. We also had more sparring time and trained for 5 x 3 minute […]

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Switch Jab Setup (diary entry)

pete and jack

08.11.2022 Tonight’s 1.5 hour class with my long-time client and his teenage nephew looked at a complete Mixed Martial Arts combination and tactic concept. We began with our regular warm-up followed by reaction games, switching levels and 10 minutes of randomised short rounds of very light specific sparring (stand-up, clinch and ground sub-divisions). The combination and tactic was to take the fight from stand-up to a grounded position with minimum clinching. This began with the introduction of the switch-jab. We […]

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Striking Setups for Submissions (diary entry)

Striking from the knee pin1

07.11.2022 Hour two of my couple clients’ course on Mixed Martial Arts groundwork brought us on to layering the striking work from last week with submissions. All of these submissions came from the opponent defending the strikes and taking advantage of the positioning presented. We covered the following: Side control – hammer-fists to the head, knees to the near side ribs and elbows to far side ribs to set up a cutting armbar. Scarf-hold – hook punches into arm-triangle. Knee […]

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Anti-Bullying Teacher Programme 3 (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 11.06.58

12.10.2022 Hour three of my anti-bullying teacher consultant course for Drum Kempo Ju Jutsu and Fitness. As previously discussed, the course that my client is teaching falls within the broad age range of 9-14 year olds. Fortunately, this is roughly where my “When Parents Aren’t Around” book is targeted (as well as their parents/guardians). During Wednesday morning’s lesson we followed on from who bullies with how people bully. Given that bullying is a type of abuse of power, there are […]

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Junior Muay Thai Continues (diary entry)


17.09.2022 My father and son clients returned to continue Muay Thai basics. Today’s lesson introduced the low round kick and we also worked on some basic footwork patterns. We used the agility ladder to introduce how to roll the hips correctly for round kicks as well as pivot on the supporting leg. This was then introduced in the shadow work. We then went through simple forwards, backwards and lateral footwork movements. The lesson finished with a three-minute round on the […]

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Uppercuts & Spear Knees (diary entry)

Botley Class 3 uppercut

13.09.2022 As the title to this blog states, Tuesday’s second private lesson (hour five of my client’s course on Muay Thai basics) introduced uppercuts and spear knee strikes. The spear knee was briefly touched upon in our previous lesson during the warm-up. We warmed up with basic dynamic stretches followed by a flow drill. I then introduced my client to the agility ladder where we trained chopping forwards, sideways and backwards, Ali shuffles, Ickey shuffles and hip roll set for […]

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Rolling & Spinning Knee Bars (diary entry)


05.09.2022 Hour five of my couple client’s submission grappling course continued with the knee bar theme. Having introduced this technique in the previous lesson from half-guard, we were able to better explore its execution. This was performed from both top and bottom positions of the half-guard. The lesson began with some rudimentary dynamic stretching and a new full-body flow drill – downward dog/three-leg dog/pigeon/three-leg dog/twisted lizard x 10 each side. In order to teach my clients how to use the […]

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Robinson’s New Rival (diary entry)


04.08.2022 Today’s lesson looked at the titanic beginning to a new rivalry for Sugar Ray Robinson. Not since Randy Turpin or even Jake LaMotta had Robinson faced such a tough opponent as the one that kicked off 1957. Like the other two, Gene Fullmer was the antithesis of Robinson. He had taken hard knockbacks and engaged in demanding brawls to earn his chance to win the middleweight crown. Sugar Ray Robinson versus Gene Fullmer Undisputed World Middleweight Championship 02.01.1957 After […]

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The “Archie Moore” (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 10.34.46

02.08.2022 Tuesday night’s client entered hour two of his new Boxing course. We focused on the shoulder roll and footwork. After a brief warm up of dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises we moved straight onto some agility/footwork drills. I am strongly in favour of training new behaviours and any challenging coordination work as early in a lesson as possible. Complex movements should come in early in any workout due to the amount of conscious concentration required and the energy […]

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Muay Thai Foundation (diary entry)


My second new client on Monday requested a basic muay Thai course for a creative way to improve overall fitness. Today we looked at footwork as well as basic defences to the head and body as well as the jab, the cross and the teep. The lesson began with dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises before we moved onto the basic guard and footwork. There are different types of muay Thai guards, but the basic one I was taught is […]

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MMA Body Punching & Cumulative Sparring (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 10.20.34

07.07.2022 The second lesson in my client’s seven lesson course focused on punching techniques in mixed martial arts. My client has also asked for an extra emphasis on conditioning within the context of the sport. Tonight we worked on a series of level-change drills, taking advantage of MMA’s unique ranges, and then trained using cumulative series of specific sparring rounds. When punching in Mixed Martial Arts it is important to consider the challenges and opportunities offered by the sport’s rules. […]

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Managing Violence Part 1 (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 08.04.41

15.06.2022 Last Wednesday I began teaching Joe Saunders’ course on “Managing Violence”. The course is split into two sections, social violence and predatory violence. A strong emphasis and specialism of Joe Saunders’ approach to self-protection teaching is de-escalation. The course is the 17th hour of my work with Drum Kempo Ju Jitsu where I have been engaged in a teacher consultancy role. Today we began the social violence section, establishing definitions and providing examples. We then posed the question whether […]

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Clinch in MMA (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 19.05.34

19.05.2022 My long-term client picked up on his return to MMA revision, finishing at hour seven of a 10 hour scheduled course. Tonight we moved onto the clinch in MMA. After a warm-up and a series of muscle activation exercises, we moved onto partner work. From here we drilled collar and elbow ties, pummelling over-hooks and under-hooks, before moving onto some grip-fighting. Next we went back through some dirty boxing combinations before working a five minute round of clinch-based focus […]

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MMA Combo 4 & Turtle Attack/Defence (diary entry)

Botley class 2 hook

02.02.2022 My fourth and final clients for Wednesday were my junior MMA and senior submission grappling classes. Tonight we continued with MMA combination work, adding on jab/cross/sprawl/uppercut/lead hook/cross/double leg shot. This combination uses the momentum of the sprawl recovery to put power into the rear uppercut and the torque created by the uppercut to send in the hook then the cross and then drive forward with shoot off the front leg. We looked at front leg pivots and correct weight […]

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More Junior Muay Thai (diary entry)

pad coaching

07.01.2022 Friday night’s lesson brought my client up to the 8.5 point of his course. Tonight I continued his son’s Muay Thai training. We based our training around 12 x 3 minute rounds. After yesterday’s assessment, I decided to focus more on establishing better defensive postures and movement. We began with establishing footwork. Then I layered immediate counter-work, training to attack and defend with jabs and crosses. This moved onto hooks and uppercuts before layering in teeps and round kicks […]

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