Diary / Training Notes

Knockout Finish (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 11.51.26

07.11.2023 After nine hours of teaching consultancy on children’s self-protection plus KEWAP and then a long weekend of seminars and workshops in person, I finished my current scheduled work with Hostlebro Taekwondo Klub, Denmark, with a fun tenth hour of online boxing training. Their enthusiasm had not faltered and it was great hear that after I had left Denmark, the school had got straight back into practising the ankle picks we had trained on Sunday. Anyway, tonight was all about […]

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Side Control to Scarf-Hold (diary entry)

Jack H Scarf Hold

07.11.2023 Hour two of my client’s first course on Submission Grappling/Ground Fighting began with a complete review of the previous lesson’s work on side control. We looked at details such as weight distribution and not over-rotating when trying to reverse the position as well as tactics around creating space. Next, we moved onto the scarf hold position and how to transition to it from side control. We drilled moving between these positions whilst maintaining strong control. I taught both versions […]

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Post-Incident Thoughts (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 11.22.21

07.11.2023 My client’s ninth hour of self-protection training brought us back to soft skills work. We looked at the post-fight and covered all topics from the double tap through to the Black Dog. This training was all completed online with discussions on judgement calls regarding first aid and also tangents onto the complexity of humans: good people are capable of doing terrible things and bad people are capable of doing extremely good things. Services

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Sugar & Cyclone 3 (diary entry)


“Learn from the Fight” took us back to the careers of Sugar Ray Robinson and Gene Fullmer as we rounded out 1960. Sugar Ray Robinson versus Gene Fullmer 03.12.1960 For the first time in his remarkable and unparalleled career Sugar Ray Robinson had faced defeat twice in a row and off the same man. He had lost his title and then failed to win it back. The 38 year old former champion now looked over at the NBA version of […]

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Sweeps and Teeps (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 18.02.56

06.11.2023 Hour six of my couple client’s Muay Thai course was another sparring overview. However, this time we began with some clinch drilling, looking at breaking posture and setting up sweeps. This was followed by these two-minute rounds: Round 1 – One-for-one knee strikes in clinch Round 2 – One-for-one/two-for-two/three sparring Round 3 – Round kick exchange We then looked at developing better timing, especially in the clinch where executing sweeps in dependent on an opponent moving. I focused on […]

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Vagabond Warriors in Hostlebro Part II (Diary Entry)


05.11.2023 My third visit to teach martial arts and self-protection in Denmark (my first in Hostlebro) ended with another Vagabond Warriors session. We continued with the Greco-Roman Wrestling inspired clinch training but this time expanded upon it with Freestyle Wrestling. The session began with a series of wrestling specific exercises before we moved onto some revision from yesterday. After a five minute and then a two minute round of Greco-Roman Wrestling sparring we moved onto our main theme: the ankle […]

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“When Parents Aren’t Around” Extended Edition Part II (diary entry)


05.11.2023 Day two of my extended version of “When Parents Aren’t Around” seminar for Hostlebro Taekwondo, Denmark was covered by a Danish news programme on TVMV. We began with the same warm-up and scenario training from the previous day. We layered commentary walking with tactical escapes and various other tasks. This time the controlled breathing provided an opportunity for some focusing exercises before we moved onto the soft skills side of matters again.Picking up from yesterday, I taught the basics […]

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Vagabond Warriors in Hostlebro Part I (diary entry)


04.11.2023 My “Vagabond Warriors” special workshop on martial arts cross training was taught after my children’s self-protection seminar. This is the first part of a stand-up grappling/wrestling orientated lesson plan. Today we drew inspiration from Greco-Roman Wrestling and then later layered in Mixed Martial Arts. We began with the collar and elbow tie using it to dominate and break posture. I introduced circle stepping and how to use both ties effectively. From here we moved into the side headlock and […]

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“When Parents Aren’t Around” – Extended Edition Part I (diary entry)


04.11.2023 With instructors and senior students briefed, today we embarked on teaching the first part of my new extended edition of “When Parents Aren’t Around” seminar for Hostlebro Taekwondo Klub, Denmark. The class was filled to capacity with students from Taekwondo, the neighbouring Hostlebro Kenpo Karate school and kareteka who had travelled across Denmark, as well parents actively engaged. There is a lot to be said for the sense of community being cultivated in the practical traditional martial arts community […]

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Teaching Pressure Tests (diary entry)

Teacher Workshop

03.11.2023 I arrived in Denmark to begin a weekend of teaching different services for Hostlebro Taekwondo Klub. Tonight we dedicated an hour or so to teaching a select number of teachers and senior students how to teach pressure testing concepts to children and adults. I was delighted that we were also joined by Jan Drachman and Henriette Vinther Toft who made it over from Hinnerup Karate.  We established the following simple principles behind self-protection and martial arts pressure-testing: In order to […]

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Cutting off the Ring (diary entry)

Freddie Jab Cross Hook Uppercutimage00003

02.11.2023 The ninth hour of my client’s current Boxing course in preparation for his fight brought us onto more nuances. Confident with his jabbing from the outside, we worked on closing the distance and problems he might have with opponents who have a reach advantage. Fighting at light-heavyweight, he is probably giving up some range from opponents and will need good footwork skills to get on the inside. I was very happy with his mid-range and in-fighting. Having MMA experience […]

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Picking the Principle (diary entry)

Pete & Jack Ankle PicksScreen Shot 2023-02-02 at 13.01.29

01.11.2023 Tonight’s 1.5 hour lesson was another focus on the ankle pick this time we a client who has been training with me for over nine years. I used it as an opportunity to boil down the technique and pull out the external objective. We covered the following three variations of the ankle pick: collar-tie/elbow tie – taking the ankle from the elbow tie side collar-tie/wrist grip – taking the ankle from the wrist grip side counters to the above […]

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Teacher Training 9 – Edged Weapon Defence (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 12.01.51

31.10.2023 Hour nine carried over the online training from our previous lesson with Hostlebro Taekwondo Klub, Denmark. This is my last lesson with them before I teach my 2.5 day seminar for them. Tonight’s training was focused on the hard skills aspects of edged weapon defence. We warmed up using tactical escape protocols. It is more important than ever to make this part of training a priority when weapons are involved due to the escalated risk. Next, we moved onto incidental weaponry. […]

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Landing Elbows & Creating Angles (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 11.22.38

30.10.2023 Hours four and five were covered with my couple client’s second Muay Thai course in a row. We followed a similar format as previously, using 12 x 3 minute rounds beginning with the clinch. After this we had a bit more time to go through technical areas each of my clients felt needed addressing. Rounds 1-3 – Clinch with sweeps (no strikes) Rounds 4-6 – Clinch with striking and sweeps Rounds 7-9 – Straight techniques versus cutting off the […]

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Our ‘Enry Done Good & Was Robinson Robbed? (diary entry)


“Learn from the Fight” took a step back into 1959 and a look at Henry Cooper’s defence of his British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles against old rival Joe Erskine. This was followed by highlights of Sugar Ray Robinson’s 1960 rematch with Paul Pender for the NYSAC/Ring lineal world middleweight championship. Henry Cooper versus Joe Erskine British & Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship 17.11.1959 We skipped back a year to look at the rising career of Henry Cooper and one of his most […]

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Ankle Picks (Diary entry)

27.10.2023 This morning brought my UKSO Cotswolds’ teacher client’s clinch course onto the seventh hour. The last lesson saw us transition from Greco-Roman style grappling into foot-sweeps. This time we moved onto ankle picks one of the best transitional clinching techniques. It works off upper body holds learnt through Greco-Roman Wrestling and also introduces dropping levels. We began with a warm-up of more Freestyle based grappling exercises. These included downward blocks and variations on sprawling. Later we also looked at […]

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