Catching the Teep & Striking from the Top (diary entry)



The nephew and uncle double lesson tonight saw continued work on basic Muay Thai and ground fighting.


The junior lesson brought in more clinch-work and kick catches. The clinch-work included some aggressive sweeps and the kick catch looked at unbalancing the teep. Previous techniques and combinations were revised on the focus mitts. The lesson finished with a round of sparring.


The senior lesson began with top position work, looking at striking from side control, scarf-hold and knee-pins. Here my client used some of the angle strikes we have been going through using stick and knife attribute training, as well as setting up chokes, key-locks and arm-bars. We then went over the electric chair sweep, finishing it with the same side control attacks we had been drilling.


The lesson finished with two 5 minute MMA rounds of specific sparring. In both instances the client fought from the top position.

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