Catch & Shoot (diary entry)

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Hour six of my client’s current boxing course brought us on catch and shoot drills. After a warm-up of revisions on pendulum footwork and coordination drills, slipping and working pivots on hooks and straights, we moved onto the new drills.

A strong principle running through these Cuban boxing inspired techniques is the use of the back-foot. When it comes to catching punches the back-foot pivots. It pivots out on rear arm blocks and lead hooks and lead uppercuts, and pivots in on lead arm blocks, rear arm straights, hooks, and uppercuts. The front foot never pivots. This is then transferred onto the focus mitt drills.

For example:

Rear arm catch/rear outward pivot/rear uppercut/rear inward pivot

Lead arm catch/rear inward pivot/lead hook/rear outward pivot

These were then carried over onto 2 x 3 minute rounds of pad-work and a final set of speed punching and power punching. Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 10.00.42


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