Butterfly, Back-Mount & Half-Guard (diary entry)



My first evening class of Tuesday saw the beginning of my client’s second course on Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting. Tonight’s lesson mainly focused on the butterfly guard, back-mount and the half-guard.


We warmed up with crawling exercises and various callisthenics off the back. We also did some partner work such as reversals and getting guard from underneath. Then we began looking at the butterfly guard. This began with a simple sweep where I explained the importance of a strong posture and getting the under-hooks. This was followed by transitioning from butterfly to half-guard in order to take the back. We then looked at the back-mount position and the rear naked choke. I discussed how, provided the weight distribution was good, a choke might be achieved with just one hook in from the back position. Moving onto half-guard, we looked at the lockdown and electric chair sweep.

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