Burn Out on the Pads (diary entry)

Freddie Pad WorkScreen Shot 2022-09-21 at 10.01.2720.09.2023

Wednesday night’s final lesson began as an intended overview of boxing techniques but ended up becoming an unashamed burn out on the pads. My client has been training a lot of Greco-Roman Wrestling inspired clinch-work up until last week when we diverted into some dirty boxing. My intention here had been to see how the grappling had helped. However, I saw a few areas in his punching that I thought were worth going over tonight before we returned the grappling. As it turned out his technique was pretty solid and required a few tweaks for the time being.

We completed 6 x 3 minute rounds focus mitt work followed by a Tabata of half speed and half power on the focus mitts. Each of the rounds were themed on different combinations such as overhand/shovel hook, body jab/right hook to the body, triple jab/hook to the inside/straight right, cross/hook/cross and hook/cross/hook.