Building the Combinations (diary entry)

right cross amanda


Tonight my client completed the sixth hour of his course on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. The lesson was mainly a revision of the previous material, mainly concerned with tightening up movement and transitions between punches in combination.

We got straight onto the pads, spending most of the time on the jab and its associated footwork. Slipping was brought back into play, as was the duck and so was the cross. We then built up to the four-punch combination. Just as slipping was combined with straight punches, such as the jab and the cross, so ducking was aligned with upper-cutting. Rolling/bobbing and weaving was then properly brought into play. This allowed us to look at stepping offline as well being used in conjunction with the hook.

The lesson was completed with the formation of the eight punch combination. As I have said many times before, combinations are as much about teaching transitions and exposing fight weaknesses as they are about application. They serve as very efficient training methods. We examined telegraphing punches and frailties in the guard when transitioning.

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