Building on the Mobile Scaffold (diary entry)

armbar from guard5 (close up)



Tonight we tested and then built off the foundation taught last lesson. I struggle for an appropriate metaphor here and keep on using the term “scaffold”. One doesn’t usually think of mobility, fluidity and transitioning when one thinks of a scaffold, but the point remains that a fighter needs to have a mobile base in order to fight effecienty. The movement from guard resembles the footwork required to effecient when one fights from a stand-up or clinch position. A common drum I beat is that fights move whether you like it or not and therefore fighters need to be able to move. Their attacks and defences need to be performed whilst moving. In this case the movement occurs from using the guard position. Last lesson we focused entirely on transitioning through a series of guard positions – full closed-guard, half-guard left, butterfly guard and half-guard right. We covered essential points to remember when transitioning and eventually moved onto some simple submissions.


This time, once we had warmed up through a series of specific mobility and callisthenic ground-fighting exercises, we layered in other opportunities, such as going for a long-guard position and striking defence and attack. Defence was covered with the coach attacking with boxing glove. This was gradually progressed to attack and defence with MMA gloves, becoming specific ground-sparring for MMA.


Some videos that cover topics brought up during tonight’s lesson.

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