Building Dutch Combinations

dutch pt 1 dutch pt 2 dutch pt 3 dutch pt 4 dutch pt 5 dutch pt 629.12.20

Tonight’s teacher consultancy served as preparation for a series of online workshops I am running for the Athena School of Karate on stand-up combinations and strategies. We looked a two Dutch-style Kickboxing combinations, designed to promote fluidity of techniques, chaining of punches with kicks, blending in defences and the camouflaging of powerful kicks.

The first combination utilised heavy body kicks and was used to set up a powerful rear low kick. This final technique was made particularly effective by the way the previous stream of strikes were all aimed above the waist. The second combination ended with a high kick. A different tactic was used here whereby a series of four punches were thrown to the head followed by one cross to the body helping to disguise the head kick.


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