Building Combinations & Counters (diary entry)


This private client and his family have got the fourth hour of their third course with me. Friday night’s training was just with one family member, where we worked on building combinations and also counters. We were training in a fairly chilly garage, which is always good physical motivation to move, and warranted a thorough warm-up. Using time management principles in my coaching, the exercises were all sport specific and also an opportunity to single out punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes. Next we did some to and fro single techniques before moving onto 5 x 3 minute rounds. Rounds 1-3 consisted of layering lineal techniques (jab/crosses/teeps) with horizontal/circular techniques (hooks/round kicks) and then knees and uppercuts. Rounds 4-5 were almost a semi-free-sparring format where I introduced more clinch-work.