Building a Solid Muay Thai Defence (diary entry)

rdx_t3_orbit_thai_pads_1__1 belly pad17.08.2023

The first of new course of Muay Thai lessons for my teenage client. Next lesson we should also be joined by a sibling. Tonight’s class focused on building a strong foundation and that means good movement and defence.

After a warm-up of dynamic stretching and muscle activation followed by specific sequence of poses, we looked at stance, guard and footwork. I wanted my client familiar with range and to become comfortable with the Thai narrow stance. We place the majority of our weight on the back foot and hold our hands high with a firm core.

I taught forwards, backwards, lateral and pivoting footwork movements. Then we looked at a simple defence of cover for straight punches, shield blocks for circular strikes to the head, body blocks for body punches, bracing abdominals for teeps and shin-checks for low and body round kicks. Next came the jab and the teep. This was all trained progressively on focus mitts and the belly pad.


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