Building a Foundation (diary entry)

coaching juniors 111.11.2021

After last lesson’s taster of Mixed Martial Arts, my new junior client has opted to train in Muay Thai/Kickboxing for the remaining nine hours of his course. We focused on setting up the classic modern Muay Thai stance, which is square on, and coninued work on the teep, jab and cross. I also introduced spear knee strikes both in the warm-up and in the final intensive section of the lesson as well the lead hook punch. We worked on regular focus mitts, Thai focus mitts and the belly pad. My client learnt basic footwork, parrying, blocking in guard and the scooping teep deflection. We finished 3 x 2 minute rounds of freestyle pad work, going back over our simple combinations and counters, and then a three minute round 2 x technique/2 x speed/2 x power. At the very end we warmed down with static stretching.


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