Bringing the Entire Dirty Business Together (diary entry)

Side headlock defence 6



This morning my client reached the nine hour mark of his course on MMA Stand-up/Dirty Boxing. We focused on drilling various tactics, bringing everything together and finished on bag routine.


The lesson began with a bulling wrestling warm-ups. This moved taking the dominant grip and drilling entries into sweeping. Then we drilled breakaways into trapping/punching combinations. We then changed to breaking from a Thai plumb clinch grip into round-kicks. Next we went back to taking the dominant grip from the collar and elbow tie into a head-snatch/uppercut combination.


Then we had a look at the base for punching within the clinch. This consists of pressing forward with the head, leaning the weight on an opponent and rolling from side to side whilst in a wrestling neutral stance with the hips back. Next we isolated uppercuts and shovel hooks to the body. These were then put together. The drill now consisted of rolling the head from the side to side on the opponent with the hips back and throwing uppercuts/shovel hooks to the body as well as overhands.


Everything was then put together that has been covered within the course in a focus mitt drill. This was made up of outside boxing, pawing jabs, circling jabs and slap-down parries, trapping, under-hooking, over-hooking, same side looping punches and knee strikes, moving from side to side, breakaways into strikes and back to outside fighting.


The last part of the lesson consisted of a heavy bag routine.

1st Round – Outside Boxing

2nd Round – Clinch Boxing

3rd Round – Outside Kickboxing

4th Round – Clinch Knee and Elbow Strikes

5th Round – Takedown Entries and Defence

6th Round – Bag Hanging and Climbing – Chokes and Guard

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