Bringing it under Mixed Martial Arts (diary entry)




Tonight it was time to start taking stock of all the recent material covered and bring it together. We looked at it from an MMA sport context. Areas covered and revised included Muay Thai, shoulder throws, fireman’s carry throw and attacking the turtle position.


We began on the Thai focus mitts. The warm-up consisted of various standard combinations performed lightly first, focusing on technique and then increased to full power. We looked at setting up for low kicks. Then the Thai focus mitts were exchanged for western focus mitts. Here we drilled opening up with punching and punch/kick combinations to set up for takedowns. Combinations included the following:


  • Jab/cross/slip jab/shoulder throw
  • Jab/cross/counter grab/arm-drag/belly-to-back suplex
  • Jab/cross/counter grab/fireman’s carry throw
  • Jab/double leg take-down
  • Jab/cross/low round kick/single leg take-down


We then went the ground, attacking the turtle position with strikes to set up for the rear naked choke or an arm-bar.

We then sparred Muay Thai for a round. This allowed both of us to examine areas that needed addressing in my client’s fight-game. We re-examined angling off and setting up. We then had a more coach-based spar, allowing for these areas to be put under pressure.



The lesson finished with a round of MMA sparring that started from clinch and ended on the ground.

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