Boxing & MMA (diary entry)


low kick

Tonight I taught the fourth junior lesson in my Basic Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training course and my regular senior Mixed Martial Arts lesson. In the former we continued working on coordinating head movement, footwork and building combinations. In the latter we looked at various clinch and takedown combinations.


The boxing continued with the peek-a-boo style. We began with mirror footwork, slipping, ducking and rolling. Next we brought out the focus mitts and looked at form. We covered the two, three and four punch combinations. They were varied with different evasions and I covered the importance of using correct body mechanics to coordinate effective defence and attack. By going over bobbing and weaving we trained striking low and high off the same hand. Here we highlighted the importance of using the legs when executing any punch. My client trained the low hook/high hook combination off a bobbing and weaving evasion. This was then incorporated into the basic combinations. I then introduced the lead upper cut before we had a round of sparring.


The senior class was entirely partner-based training. We began with mirror footwork, which was then layered with evasive upper body movement, changes in levels, targeting and sprawls. Then we drilled neck-wrestling, bulling and under-hook/over-hook pummelling. I used the pummelling exercise to set up for takedown entries. This changed to one-for-one Thai clinch with strikes. We then performed a round of grip-fighting sparring and the MMA clinch sparring.


Moving onto the focus mitts, we set up a series of boxing and kickboxing combinations into takedowns. We also covered moving from the takedown into striking on the ground into a submission.


The lesson finished with a round of MMA sparring.