Boxing Journey in 12 Rounds (diary entry)

peek a boo bare knuckle 2 peek a boo bare knuckle peek-a-booBoxing Jab04.11.20

Today’s lesson concluded my client’s revision and layering of Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. The entire lesson was dedicated to 12 rounds plus active recovery that acted as mini lessons through his boxing experiences.

Round 1 – Working the Jab and Footwork

Round 2 –  Slips, Ducks and Pull-Backs (no punches)

Round 3 – Bringing punches, footwork and head movement together

Round 4 – Philly Shell – playing defence and baiting

Round 5 – Philly Shell – continued

Round 6 – Peek-a-Boo – playing attack and repositioning

Round 7 – Southpaw – jabbing crosses, overhands and corkscrew uppercuts

Round 8 – Side-steps and slipping – exploiting lateral targets

Round 9 – Gazelle punches and their setups

Round 10 – Bizarro punches and their setups

Round 11 – Pendulum step, side step and pivoting performed in isolation in small movements

Round 12 – Straight Punches, Hooks and Uppercuts performed in isolation for flow then speed and then power

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