Boxing Foundation (diary entry)


My first new client began on peek-a-booMonday night with a course on basic boxing. This is with a view to pursue either stand-up striking in general or mixed martial arts. After describing the different approaches to boxing, I decided to choose primary inspiration from peek-a-boo and high guard boxing approaches. This aligns better with my muay Thai course and MMA course due the square-hips stance.

After dynamic stretches and mobility exercises, we moved onto basic footwork. This began with a simple pattern of forwards, backwards, lateral and pivot steps. These are all performed with the foot nearest the direction moving first. Once this had been confirmed as a solo exercise I had him work with me, first following and then initiating movement patterns. All the while he maintained a high but active guard.

Next I introduced slipping and ducking that was paired with the footwork. The peek-a-boo style promotes regular head movement when moving in and out of range. However, it is important that this is done with purpose so that the timing isn’t predicted by an opponent.

Finally, I coupled these movements with the jab. We trained the basic jab, the step-jab, the backwards jab and the flicker jab. These were worked on focus mitts.

peek a boo bare knuckle peek a boo bare knuckle 2