Boxing Conditioning Resumes (diary entry)

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After a short break my client resumed his Boxing conditioning in readiness for a charity fight in November. The break involved him climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, an experience that we discussed will be a great mental reference point for pushing through extreme fatigue.

Our warm-up consisted of ladder runs where we performed a few footwork drills before getting onto some light sparring. In line with the rules of his match, we are now restricting sparring rounds to 2 minutes.

Round 1 – Jabs only

Round 2 – Lead hand only

Round 3 – Jabs to the head and body, crosses only to the body

Round 4 – Straight punches only

Round 5 – Body shots only

Round 6 – Inside fighting

Round 7 – Attack only

Round 8 – Defence only

I then had him do 3 x 6 reps of short shuttle runs to work on his agility.

The lesson was finished with some negative resistance band punching. As described in this blog post, the emphasis here was for my client to punch fast to a target and then snatch back against the resistance of the elastic.