Boxing, Clinching, Transitioning & Coaching (diary entry)




Tonight saw the third half hour lesson in Junior Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training and my continuing series of lessons for my long-term senior student. This is a nephew/uncle arrangement that is proving to be hugely beneficial for both family members. The former gets full support, encouragement and extra training from his uncle and the latter improves his coaching/critical skills.


Boxing continued the focus on the peek-a-boo style. We worked more looking at improving stances through movement, retaining balance, retaining the guard and coordinating upper-body mobility. I introduced the low jab. We discussed its tactical purpose and execution. We then looked at the role of the feet when throwing punches, particularly the cross. My client’s homework was to continue with boxing specific calisthenics and to add on one minute rounds of upper-body movement, footwork and combining then shadow punching.


My client wanted to revise and rehearse material being covered at my upcoming seminar in Worcester this Sunday. We worked through transitioning postures, clinch-work/dirty boxing and the different dynamics of fighting. He also benefitted from learning about holding focus mitts and cuing different behaviours.

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