Body Shots Continue (diary entry)



Tonight was my client’s eighth lesson in Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We continued our work on body shots and combinations.


The lesson began with mirror footwork, building on slipping, ducking and rolling. We had a brief detour into footwork, correcting certain areas and looking at the L-step and V-step. I recommended Willie Pep for a good example of using footwork effectively. We then used the jab to set up all the basic punches we had covered before attacking the body. Body shots were first re-introduced using the low jab and, after that, the low hook. We covered set-ups for these strikes, which are often used to get an opponent to drop their high guard.


Next the liver and spleen punches were covered. These shovel hooks really are the purest body shots. These are set up rather than forming part of the set up. Plus they are designed specifically for targeting these vital organs.


The lesson finished with two instructive sparring rounds of Boxing.


Image from “Mighty Fighter – How to Throw a Body Shot”

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