Body-Locks & Pacing (diary entry)

body clinch28.08.19

The junior lesson today focused on under-hooking. The senior lesson looked at riding the storm in Muay Thai and timing calm resting periods in between flurries of strikes.

The junior lesson began with wrestling callisthenics and dynamic stretching. Then we did grappling specific ladder drills, including hip switches and double-leg takedown entries. Next we clinched with some basic bulling on the collar and elbow tie. From here we focused on the over-hook/under-hook position and did a pummelling warmup drill. Establishing a double under-hook position, we looked at a straightforward body-lock takedown and then moved onto an inside reaping version. My logic here is to get the positioning strong enough from a body-lock to break the posture and get the takedown before any extras were added.

The lesson finished with a five minute round of stand-up grappling sparring.

The senior lesson began with ladder agility drills to promote better footwork. We then moved onto freestyle focus mitt work. My goal here was to promote strong combinations, counters and exits whilst balancing it with conserving energy. Muay Thai fights occur at close range and it is important for the boxers to keep as relaxed as possible when stalking their opponents. We used one-for-one kicking and one-for-one clinch-work exercises, followed by focus mitts/belly pad and then Thai pads.

The lesson finished with two rounds of sparring.

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