Teacher Consultation: Combinations for Traditional Martial Arts (diary entry)


28.09.2021 Tuesday night’s lesson was also a teacher consultancy class. This time it was a break from our usual “Learn from the Fight” session and we worked face-to-face on combinations used in a karate in syllabus. My client has a series of combinations that exist in the grading syllabus she teaches that need reappraisal. They appear to be a mixture of sport, kata-based application specific conditioning exercises (i.e. balancing for kicks). We went through them and began to devise a […]

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Teacher Development Programme: Clinch (diary entry)

mikael 2

28.09.2021 Hour five of my client 11 hour teacher development programme looked at the Muay Thai clinch. We ran through various compliant drills for technique development and then into specific sparring. The lesson focused on building on the various composite parts of the Muay Thai clinch, isolating and then integrating them. The objective was develop through compliant partner work switching intensity to a competitive format and then back into flow drilling before eventually building to full clinch-based sparring. Warm-up, including […]

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Curved Knees & The Collar/Elbow Tie (diary entry)

Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling (b)

27.09.2021 The second hour of my couple clients’ course on the Thai clinch proceeded from the warm-up into plum position revision. They partnered off to work forward, backward, lateral and angling footwork, working on push/pull setups to break each other’s posture. Then we layered in the spear and diagonal knee strikes on a one-for-one basis. I then held the Thai focus mitts for working these particular knee strikes in the clinch. We then moved onto the collar and elbow clinch […]

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Saddler & Zale in MMA (diary entry)

half guard attack

22.09.21 Wednesday night’s training was a junior and senior MMA lesson. The first looked at using the half-guard and the second also covered this, but also used the combinations of the great sluggers, Sandy Saddler and Tony Zale respective nemesises of Willie Pep and Rocky Graziano. Half-guard has evolved to become an important part of ground-fighting in MMA. The knee-shield and the lockdown are particularly important parts of this guard that can be used to better control someone fighting from […]

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Awareness and Pre-Emptive Actions (diary entry)

Jamie Clubb coaches two seminar students in a pre-emptive strike drill

22.09.21 Kingham Hill School’s self-protection course for two groups continued. Soft skills focused on situational awareness and defining an immediate human threat. Hard skills included exercises to promote tactical escaping and recovery. We also tested pre-emptive striking, covered target familiarisation and layered this onto focus mitts for impact development. Services

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Teacher Development Programme: Muay Thai Sparring (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 08.31.44

22.09.21 Hour four of my client’s teacher development course for sparring moved into the kickboxing range. This was for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We focused on layering in Muay Thai teeps, round kicks, shin-checks and scooping blocks over the western boxing previous covered. Feedback Consultation: My client reported that attack versus defence specific sparring worked well on the whole with his class. Most students felt more confident with this boxing sparring once they could proactively defend. However, there […]

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Muay Thai Clinch Course Begins (diary entry)


21.09.21 Monday night’s lesson saw my client couple begin their course in the clinch for Muay Thai. We thought it best to start at the beginning as one of the two clients has not covered this area before and no one is above basics anyway, including yours truly. So, after a warm-up geared towards aspects of grappling as well as strikes I introduced the main knee strikes. These were performed as line work and also as muscle activation exercises. This […]

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Three Hours Private Lesson(s) (diary entry)

shin block

18.09.21 Saturday’s private lesson brought my new client up to the five hour mark of his course on Basic Muay Thai. At his request, I trained two adults and and two children over three hours on Muay Thai fundamentals. Lesson One – First lesson was a beginner lesson for an adult with some prior experience, focusing on use of the teep, basic footwork, shin-checks, teep scooping interception, covers, parries, jab, straight right and the rear leg round kick. We began […]

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Junior MMA Clinch & Senior MMA Striking Combinations (diary enry)

Striking from the knee pin1

15.09.21 My evening sessions covered my junior client’s MMA training and senior client’s MMA training. In the junior class, after the warm-up, we began with some grip and clinch sparring adding on Muay Thai knees. We then went through using strikes to set up the arm-triangle clinch into takedown and submission. I finished the junior MMA with a tabata of jab/cross/sprawl/spear knee strike. The senior lesson began with a series of lowline takedown set-ups. We covered jab/inside leg feint/overhand punch/single […]

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Two New Self-Protection Courses for Schools (diary entry)


15.09.21 With restrictions now lifted, I returned to Kingham Hill School for my seventh term teaching self-protection. This time I had two classes to teach on the same subject. We covered self-protection definitions, local violent crime statistics and why “respect and attitude” are basic foundational tenets. After this I taught escape tactics and tested the pre-emptive strike. Services

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Bridging Eras Part 1 (diary entry)

walcott vs charles 1 (a)

14.09.21 Tuesday’s “Learn from the Fight” focused on the continuing decline of Joe Louis’s career, Jersey Joe Walcott’s continued determination to be the oldest man to lift the World Heavyweight Championship and the emerging force that was Ezzard Charles. Joe Louis versus Jersey Joe Walcott World Heavyweight Championship 25.06.1948 Joe Louis felt his career was nearing its end and wanted to go out on top. However, his financial problems were only getting worse thanks to money taken by his handlers […]

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Sparring for Teacher Development Continues (diary entry)


14.09.21 Tonight we entered hour three of an 11 hour course on teacher development. This was for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We took a more in depth look at better addressing the dual concerns of defence and confidence. These are elements that can be positively linked. Many students fear sparring due to an exposure of their own limitations or, as is true for a substantial proportion, timidity. Building a strong defence can help install better confidence when it […]

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Muay Thai Basics (diary entry)

kick to pads

13.09.21 My second lesson of the evening was my new client’s second hour of his first Muay Thai course. He has requested more mobility and flexibility training on top of my individual technique development. After a warm-up of mobility and dynamic stretching exercises, we focused on using a four angle directional drill to develop better technique delivery on the move. We began with the jab, angling off and then punching. This was followed by the teep where we took some […]

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Switch-Hitting Finale (diary entry)

vagabond warriors boxing snip3

13.09.21 Monday night’s first lesson was the final hour of my switch-hitting course. We used the lesson to focus purely on principles, tactics and strategies rather than specific combinations or techniques. We began with using 1920s ace featherweight ring general, Benny Leonard, as our inspiration for dealing with southpaws. This involved remembering to angle off and being fluid with different types of jab rather than fighting for the outside of the lead foot. We acknowledged the clear danger of facing […]

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Freestyle Mirror Sides (diary entry)

Jamie Clubb of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts in the Bodyguard drill! (small)

10.09.21 The ninth hour of my client couple’s course on switch-hitting. Tonight we worked more on a freestyle basis, moving from one mirror side to another. We covered and went back over techniques and strategies particular to this type of fighting. This included up-jabs, question mark uppercut and overhands as well exiting with teeps. We warmed up, ran through some examples and then went straight into two minute rounds on the focus mitts on boxing for two rounds then kickboxing […]

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New Kickboxing Course (diary entry)

pad coaching

09.09.21 I began  my new client’s Kickboxing/Muay Thai course. After a warm-up of dynamic stretching and some basic footwork exercises, we began on the focus mitts. This started with the lead leg teep. Here I assessed form and balance. Next we moved onto the jab forwards and backwards before changing to the double jab and introducing the straight right. Finally the rear leg round kick to leg was taught. These then was put into a series of combinations.   Services […]

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