12 Rounds (diary entry)


22.05.19   Tonight’s junior and senior lesson saw considerable overlap. Both nephew and uncle cover 12 rounds between them on Muay Thai and Western Boxing.   I began the junior lesson with a round of Western Boxing on the focus mitts. This was followed by a round of Muay Thai on the Thai focus mitts. Then we did a round of clinch before we began sparring. This consisted of two rounds of Wester Boxing and two rounds of Muay Thai […]

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The Cover at Kingham Hill (diary entry)

cover close

22.05.19 Today Kingham Hill School reached the half-way point of this term’s self-defence course. We looked at the first line of recovery counter-offensive skills. This is concerned with the in-fight stage of conflict when an individual has been struck and needs to regain the initiative. The lesson began with transitional postures warm-up, which would have specific relevance with the final exercise of the day. We then looked at the cover and went through its application. I have dedicated an entire […]

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Escaping & Taking the Back (diary entry)

Tarn back mount3

18.05.19   My Saturday morning client’s special course reached hour nine. We have been splitting each session into Muay Thai advanced techniques and Submission Grappling escapes from underneath. Last week we put the entire focus on Muay Thai. This week we are spotlighted Submission Grappling, where we looked at escaping reverse scarf-hold and the mount. After a warm-up of floor exercises we moved onto reverse scarf-hold. Here we looked at snaking/shrimping to take back mount. We looked at two attacks […]

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Kicking Back & Escaping the Mount (diary entry)

escape from mount 2

15.05.19   Wednesday’s second two lessons consisted of junior Muay Thai and Senior Submission Grappling. The former lesson involved working a lot on piecing the game together, reviewing Western Boxing from the previous course and merging aspects from the different disciplines. The second lesson focused entirely on escaping the mount position.   We began the junior lesson an exercise for drilling faster returns and recoveries from kicks. The exercise is performed very lightly with the two training partners taking and […]

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The Hook, The Hammer-Fist & The Invisible Fence (diary entry)

Hook palm 2

15.05.19   Wednesday’s first lesson saw the continuation my summer term course for Kingham Hill School on Self-Defence. Today’s focus was entirely on the hook. This was largely delivered as an open-hand strike although variations with the more classic punch were also offered for those who had more experience.   We warmed up with a series of ground exercises for a change. This also segued into the transitional warm-up that followed. Movement is such a key thing in combat that […]

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Single Leg Takedown & Foot Sweeps (diary entry)

single leg 2

14.05.19   Tuesday night brought my client up to the four hour point of his Basic Course on Clinch/Stand-up Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training. We went through all previous material, spent some time with simple foot sweeps and focused on the single leg takedown.   We warmed up with simple dynamic stretching exercises and then break-falls and rolls. This was followed by bulling for the neck/elbow tie and under-hook/over-hook pummelling. Then we drilled various entries into throws and positioning […]

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Going Dutch? Mixing Western Boxing with Muay Thai (diary entry)

kick jamie

11.05.19   Saturday’s second private lesson was the last hour of my two junior client’s Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training saw a full revision of elbow strikes then moved into a review of the course, a call back to the Western Boxing course and then a final round of blending Western Boxing with Muay Thai.   We warmed up with some line-work focused entirely on all the basic elbow strikes. This began with some attribute training that linked […]

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Muay Thai Spotlight (diary entry)

shin block

11.05.19   Saturday’s first private lesson brought my client’s course up to the seven and a half hour point. This is a tailored course focused on developing his Muay Thai/stand-up fighting and Submission Grappling separately. Every lesson up to this point has been split into these two disciplines. However, this morning’s lesson was entirely dedicated to Muay Thai advanced combinations and techniques.   We began with four rounds of progressive sparring. This sparring gradually increased in pressure was primarily used […]

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Heavy Bag Training & Reverse Scarf-Hold Escape (diary entry)


08.05.19   Wednesday night’s lessons consisted of Junior Muay Thai and Senior Submission Grappling. The former provided an overview of combination set ups and counters to the back kick. The senior Submission Grappling continued work on escaping the knee-pin and also looked at escaping reverse scarf-hold.   We began with basic distancing and mirror footwork. This led onto combination setups. Here I focused on using the teep as an effective jabbing tool, creating and maintaining distance. Then it was used […]

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“Own the Technique” at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

Rear palm

08.05.19   Wednesday Self-Defence training at Kingham Hill School continued with a practical heavy session. We went over the fence as a muscle memory exercise, trained incidental combinations, covered restrictive striking, transitioning through postures and technique physical conditioning.   We began with various running, footwork and escape exercises. These reaction drills began with running whilst striking and then built on with runs to exit points, serpentine running, covering, sprawling and knee strikes. Different students took over the warm-up so they […]

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Enter the Double-Leg Takedown (diary entry)

double leg takedown

07.05.19 Tuesday night’s lesson was the third hour of my client’s my Basic Course on Clinch/Stand-up Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training. In addition to revising previous material we moved onto low-level takedowns, spotlighting the double-leg takedown. We warmed up with Indian press-up and Indian squats. These are great callisthenics and forms of dynamic stretching that are heavily utilised in Indian wrestling. We then moved onto combined break falls and rolls. This was followed with bulling, working the collar and […]

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Elbows Strike! (diary entry)

uppercut elbow

04.05.19   Saturday morning’s second lesson saw the penultimate session for this junior course in Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We worked on tightening up all combinations, improving defence and then going through all elbow strikes.   Our warm-up consisted of a series of building up exercises. We began with mirror footwork, both of my clients getting distancing and angling-off right. Then I introduced simple tools for creating distance such as the long guard and the teep. Next […]

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Knee Pin & Spinning Kicks (diary entry)


04.05.19   Saturday morning’s first lesson brought my client up to the six hour point of his specially tailored course dedicated to stand-up striking and submission grappling. This we began with the lesson with submission grappling, looking at defences from the knee-pin whilst the second half was concerned with spinning kicks.   We began with a series of ground callisthenics, focusing a lot on movements from underneath. Then we drilled defensive movement from under a pin transition drill. This was […]

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Spin Kicks & Escaping the Knee Pin (diary etnry)

Striking from the knee pin1

01.05.2019 Wednesday evening saw the nephew and uncle team respectively cover Muay Thai back-kicks, spinning kicks and sparring, and Submission Grappling escapes from the knee-pin into x-guard. It was an exceptionally productive and fruitful two lessons.   The junior lesson began with some work on eliminating delays between punch and kick combinations. Muay Thai’s rhythmic delivery method is particularly effective in this respect. From here we went through the basic combinations and counters covered over the past series of lessons. […]

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Self-Defence Returns to Kingham (diary entry)

Hand strike variable - palm

01.05.2019   Wednesday afternoon kick-started my fourth term with Kingham Hill School, teaching self-defence. I saw some new faces and some returning faces from previous courses. Although self-defence is my mandate, I believe all good self-defence should be underlined by some solid soft skills information. We began with a quick overview of how the course would be taught. I would introduce progressive activities and techniques with an explanation of how it fell within the basic principles, strategies and tactics.   […]

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Taking the Back (diary entry)


30.04.19 Lesson three of my client’s course on Basic Clinch/Stand-up Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training moved us more onto collar and elbow control as well as taking the back. We began with Indian press-ups and Indian Squats. Then we did isolated repetitions of forward, backwards and shoulder side rolls followed forward, backward and side break falls, which were then combined for the final series of sets. I also introduced neck bridges, another very traditional wrestling exercise. Then we moved […]

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