New Self Protection Course at Kingham Hill (diary entry)

Inside the fence

18.09.19 Clubb Chimera Martial Arts self-protection course returned to Kingham Hill School for a fifth term. Again, I saw some familiar faces from the previous academic years that were able to reinforce the material I brought into play. My methods never stand still and therefore the programmes evolve in line with what I see is most relevant and efficient. Since I became a senior instructor in the Knife and Edged Weapon Programme in 2011 and now with my involvement in […]

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Breaking Down Anti-Grappling (diary entry)

eye gouge

17.09.19   Tuesday night’s second lesson continued my client’s CPD work, where we broke down and consolidated the anti-grappling section of her students’ self-defence programme. I also introduced the offline strikes.   Anti-grappling requires a degree of grappling training to help familiarise the coaching side of a student partnership to apply realistic grappling holds. There is also a safety issue when it comes to having one student grip another and also hold the focus mitt. However, time constraints and other […]

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Finishing Basic Escapes (diary entry)


17.09.19   Tuesday night’s first lesson brought my client up to the seventh hour of his Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. We completed our basic escape series with escapes from north-south, knee-pin, reverse scarf-hold and the mounted positions.   North-south is a particularly horrid position to escape from, but we looked at turning it into a proactive defence (not sure if that is an oxymoron of sorts!) Here we looked at bridging and snaking to attack the opponent’s leg. I made the […]

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The Headguard (diary entry)

IMG_1040 (WEB)

17.09.19 Tuesday began with a half an hour live video discussion with Brian Inwards from Australia. Brian kindly bid and won our discussion in an auction set up by Eric Parsons’ “Karate 4 Life Life Foundation”. Our discussion revolved around the use of headgear for pressure testing.  Our discussion took us into the relevance of scenario-based training, various forms of sparring and the history of bareknuckle fighting.   Recent changes in Olympic Boxing have led to headguards being removed from […]

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Shoulder Throws & Sparring (diary entry)

shoulder throw

14.09.19   My junior clients had reached their ninth hour of stand-up grappling/clinch in my second Saturday morning private lesson. In addition to reviewing much of the course information we moved onto the shoulder throw.   The lesson began with grappling specific callisthenics followed by agility ladder exercises. Wrestling ladder exercises included one-arm jump-overs, hip-switches and double-leg takedown entries. We then used the agility cones to drill sprawls and double-leg takedowns. Next we locked up for the collar and elbow […]

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Sparring Drills (diary entry)

low kick

14.09.19 My first Saturday morning client completed his sixth hour in stand-up striking. We have decided to keep this course within the stand-up striking range and concentrate on MMA in the next course. Warm-ups consisted of agility and coordination work. We moved through the ladders, increasing step cadence and working off angles. The cones allowed for L-steps, V-steps and switch-hitting. Then we went into one-for-one partner warm-ups. This included teep exchanges, jab exchanges and combination exchanges before moving onto focus […]

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Self-Protection Talk for the Women’s Institute (diary entry)

wi picture

12.09.19   Tonight I was invited to give a talk on self-protection for Shipton-Under-Wychwood Women’s Institute.  The entire presentation was geared towards avoiding physical violence, options for dealing with physical assault and the legal side. However, various tangents and questions at the end highlighted other areas.   The talk began with my biography, providing my background and links to where I gained my knowledge/experience on the material being covered. We then moved onto defining both self-protection and violence.   Self-protection […]

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Hip Throws & Sparring (diary entry)

muay thai small

11.09.19   My Wednesday night duo of nephew and uncle worked on hip throws and MMA sparring concepts respectively. The junior lesson also revised all three lines of attack covered in previous lessons. The senior lesson was divided up into timed rounds.   The junior lesson began with wrestling callisthenics. We then moved onto bulling and pummelling, revising two-on-ones and various entries. Next I introduced the hip throw. This is the basic no-gi version of what Judo would call an […]

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Tactical Escape Training Lesson & Course Overview (diary entry)

escape pressure test

10.09.19   My second Tuesday night client reviewed their martial arts teacher CPD training and I also introduced some layering to certain concepts. We are focusing on developing a supplementary self-defence programme for children and teenagers. A key area covered was tactical escaping. Tactical Escaping   Escape is the priority in a self-defence situation. From the earliest stage of training and throughout a course, students need to be look towards ending their story with escape. This is particularly true with […]

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Escaping Side Control and Scarf Hold (diary entry)


10.09.19   My first Tuesday night client completed their sixth hour in their first course on Submission Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training. Tonight we focused on escaping pins.   We began with grappling callisthenics, including various crawls. Then we went through the pin transitions three times on each side and then with progressive resistance.   We began our escape series with defence against side control. This involved reversing the pin and escaping to guard. I also covered escaping an […]

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Integrating Elbows (diary entry)

elbow strike 2

09.09.19   My Monday night client completed their penultimate lesson in this first course in Basic Muay Thai/Stand-up Fighting. We looked at integrating elbow strikes into the clinch and outside fighting combinations.   We warmed up with shadow boxing, including some basic advice on getting the most out of shadow boxing. This was followed by dynamic stretching and mirror footwork. We then did some revision on the focus mitts and belly pad. We went through sets ups using teeps and […]

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Cross Training with the Clinch (diary entry)

body clinch

05.09.19   The second of Thursday night’s lesson brought my client up to the four and a half hour point of his sparring course. Going by last lesson’s findings, the objective was to use wrestling as an attribute vehicle for better developing the Muay Thai clinch.   The lesson began with dynamic stretching and callisthenics before moving onto bulling and pummelling wrestling exercises. This was then changed to Muay Thai neck wrestling followed by one-for-one striking in the clinch. Next […]

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Sprawls and Sit-Outs (diary entry)


05.09.19   The first of Thursday night’s lessons was the eighth hour of my junior duo’s course on clinch/stand-up grappling. We revised material taught in Saturday’s lesson and then focused on takedown defence.   The lesson began with dynamic stretching and wrestling callisthenics. Then we went through break-falls and rolls. This was followed by revision on the collar and elbow tie into outer reap throws and two-on-ones. From two-on-ones we trained waist-lock takedowns, suplexes and single-leg takedowns. We then changed […]

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Takedown Defence & Dissecting Set-ups (diary entry)

pawing long guard thai

04.09.19   Wednesday’s junior lesson focused on takedown defence. The senior lesson looked at details for using the hands to set up round kicks, spear knees and round knee strikes.   The junior lesson began with dynamic stretching and wresting callisthenics. Then we did some footwork for wrestling, looking at dropping levels and movement from a low stance. Next we did some bulling from the collar and elbow tie, moving into outer reap takedowns and two on-on-ones. Then we moved […]

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Hunting (diary entry)

hunting the target

03.09.19 Tuesday night saw the lesson of my instructor client’s continued professional development in focus mitt work. We continued our work within the self-defence sector, aimed at adolescents and children. In addition to answering questions and pondering deeper on areas brought in our previous session, we looked at adapting the fence to suit range restrictions with young children.   We began with an overview discussion and review of video material discussed in the previous class. This is detailed in this […]

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The Elbow Strikes Back! (diary entry)

elbow strike

02.09.19 Monday saw my client reach the eighth hour of a 10 hour course on Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. Tonight we focused on elbow strikes. The lesson began with some mirror foot-work. We worked within a more enclosed area to keep the fight at close range. Elbows are best suited to this range for obvious reasons, although Muay Thai also uses them in flying attacks. Before introducing these techniques, we trained teeps, shin checks, teep scoops, kick-catches, […]

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