Peek-a-Boo Construction (diary entry)

peekaboo skype 2

25.08.20 Tuesday night’s teacher consultancy continued the Western Boxing theme with a full focus on the peek-a-boo guard and approach. Unlike the Philly Shell previously covered I did not have to make a more square-on adjustment as this guard is excellent for cross-training. The peek-a-boo has evolved a lot since Cus D’Amato first popularised it through his two most famous protégés Floyd Patterson and Mike Tyson. I believe its roots are in the high (double) guard which is a specific […]

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Clinch and Ground (diary entry)

two on one to back

20.08.20 Thursday night was a teacher constultancy session with two independent karate instructors who are operating within a Covid-19 bubble. Previously we went through some basic pinning and escaping side control. Tonight’s lesson dealt with breaking a collar-tie grip and escaping from guard. We began with a warm-up of clinch and ground callisthenics, designed to hit all the muscle groups and movements we would be using tonight as well reinforcing some basic technique. Then we went straight into the clinch […]

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Philly Shell to Cross Guard & Peek-a-Boo (diary entry)

philly shell skype

18.08.20 Tonight’s teacher consultancy continued our work on the Philly Shell from Western Boxing. We then looked its relationship with the cross guard and completely changed pace with the peek-a-boo guard. We began with some shadow boxing and line-work, using the footwork to set up shots and keeping the upper body mobile with slips. This was then taken onto the heavy bag. From here we developed a combination that brought in the cross guard. The cross guard, sometime referred to […]

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Passing guard and sweep revision (diary entry)

17 08 20 submission grappling

  17.08.20 The third hour of my client’s Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course went back over the basic sweeps as well as the Kimura arm-lock from guard and passing guard. We began with our normal solo warm-up routine of ground-fighting callisthenics, including some new movements directly related to guard passing. Next the two lockdown partners performed some guard-passing drills before moving onto some resistance work. This took the form of a guard passing game where one had to get past the other’s […]

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Pre-Emptive Strike Webinar (diary entry)

Hard Skills Webinar 1

16.08.20 Keiryu Practical Karate kindly hosted my fourth official CCMA open webinar. This is the first part of my hard skill series where I focused on pre-emption. Material covered included why pre-emption is tactically the best choice for self-defence (the physical side of self-protection), the consistent support it has received throughout the history of warfare, why most people do not use pre-emption, when to use pre-emption, what tools are best suited for pre-emption and various points surrounding the use of […]

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Spinning Elbow & Superman Punches (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 11.18.23

11.08.20 Tuesday night’s second lesson ended my client’s 10 hour MMA course, latter part of which we have focused a lot on kicking. Tonight we began looking at the back kick, but seeing that my client might have a possible injury we readjusted to the spinning elbow, leading onto elbow combinations, set-ups for the smash-down elbow, the rear slashing elbow, the cobra punch, the jumping smash-down elbow and the superman punch.

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Philly Shell Deconstruction (diary entry)

philly shell jamie mary charlie

11.08.20 Tuesday night’s first lesson continued my teacher consultancy. We kept on the Philly shell, this time deconstructing the technique and addressing weaknesses as well as introducing rear side led combinations. Training began with line work moving onto partner work back to line work and then some specific sparring.

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More Heavy Bag Guided Training (diary entry)

mikael rash guard 2

10.08.20 Monday night’s second lesson was the sixth and final hour of my Danish client’s course. We were back on the heavy bag again. This time I looked at camouflaging heavy techniques, focusing entirely on the liver shot. We put together two combinations – double slip-jab/shove hook liver shot/rear round kick/jab/cross/shovel hook liver shot and jab/rear round kick/feint right/oblique kick to the liver/rear round kick/jab/cross/oblique kick to the liver. This was an asymmetric concept where the fast techniques were used […]

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Lockdown Sparring (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 10.50.32

10.08.20 Monday night’s lesson was the second hour of my client’s new course on submission grappling. We went over last week’s material on the arm-bar and triangle choke from guard, but this time brought in flow drills and did two rounds of specific sparring – guard-passing.

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MMA Cardio and Conditioning (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 10.35.53

04.08.20 Tuesday night’s lesson was a full conditioning lesson. As always, I kept the content martial arts specific. We did a five round workout lesson in addition to a 10 minute warm up and 15 minute stretching at the end. Each round layered on more techniques, beginning with boxing footwork progressing onto multi-range rounds of MMA shadow sparring. Between each round we kept moving to maintain heart rate and for active recovery.

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Philly Shell Continues (diary entry)

philly shell mary charlie

04.08.20 Tuesday night’s first lesson was my teacher consultant sessions. We continued with the Philly shell working on striking and defending, including proactive focus-mitt work and specific sparring. Training began on the focus mitts with the emphasis being on the fighter to lead with the footwork. We then put in a simple baiting tactic; the fighter moves in with a fast flurry before retreating into the Philly shell to counter the opponent’s retaliation. The lesson finished with restrictive, specific sparring […]

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Dirty Boxing Against the Wall and Takedowns (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 10.03.04

03.08.20 Monday night’s second lesson was the fifth hour of my Danish client’s course. We covered collar tie punching, drilling against the wall, takedowns from the wall and transitioning from stand-up to clinch in addition to previous material covered. The lesson began with a full shadow boxing warm-up of Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai. We then moved onto some collar and elbow clinching, which led us onto collar-tie punching. Training then went to the wall where we drilled two types […]

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Arm-Bars & Triangle Chokes (diary entry)

triangle choke solo

03.08.20 Monday night’s first lesson saw the beginning of my client’s new course. We are continuing from where we left off with Submission Grappling from the previous course. Tonight we worked on arm-bars from guard and leg triangle chokes. This was a very technical lesson, beginning with the usual series of ground-fighting related callisthenics and movement exercises followed by learning the individual techniques, and finished with some muscle memory drills. These two moves were first taught with a set up […]

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Anti-Bullying Presentation for Athena School of Karate (diary entry)

anti bullying presentation athena

31.07.20 I was back teaching the Athena School of Karate on Friday and this time with a soft-skills based self-protection lesson. This gave me an opportunity to offer my new Anti-Bullying presentation, a spin-off from the main “When Parents Aren’t Around” courses. During this lesson we were able to focus on questions regarding the nature of bullying, the variety of targets and establishing moral boundaries that will help safeguard against engaging in bullying. We also looked at different types of […]

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Takedown Training for Athena School of Karate (diary entry)

takedown zoom athena karate

30.07.20 Thursday night saw the Athena School of Karate booking me to teach a shadow takedown Zoom lesson. We looked at stance-work, footwork, sprawling and double-leg takedowns. Next we put together a combination focusing on defending a low line takedown into a failed guillotine choke and returning with a double-leg takedown. Next time we intend to address single-leg takedowns.    

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Awareness Children’s Self-Protection for Forest School (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 20.10.21

29.07.20 Wednesday night saw the Forest School of Karate booking me back to teach my “When Parents Aren’t Around: Awareness” webinar. This is the second tenet and phase of my course adapted for online learning. Topics included inattentional blindness, tunnel vision and situational awareness. In addition to delivering a presentation appropriate for the children in attendance, I also taught physical activities to help better demonstrate how easy it is to be switched off to changes.

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