Elbow Strike Clinic (diary entry)

Cover Elbow (loose)

14.11.2022 Tonight for my client’s second hour of her second Muay Thai course we took a break from looking at southpaw strategies to focus on elbow strikes. It proved to be a deep dive into just two types of elbow strike – the horizontal and spear variations – and how they fitted into combinations. After a specific sport and muscle activation series of exercises, we isolated the two elbow strikes and looked at their delivery. This was done a shadow […]

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Defending Ground ‘n Pound (diary entry)


                                    14.11.2022 Hour three of my couple clients’ course on MMA Ground-Fighting brought us on to the subject of defence. We looked at defending from under side control and full mount. After a warm-up of sport specific and muscle activation exercises, we moved straight into side control. Whilst here I thought it be a good opportunity to look at the dreaded crucifix position, […]

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Self-Defence Clinch (diary entry)


                                                                                10.11.2022 Thursday morning continued my work teaching Hostlebro Taekwondo’s visiting two teachers from Denmark. This morning’s shorter session, which also saw involvement from Athena School of Karate’s Mary Stevens, looked at clinching from a self-defence perspective. We mainly trained all […]

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Stand-up to Clinch Fighting Extended Session (diary entry)


09.11.2022 On Wednesday night I was honoured with a visit from Holstebro Taekwondo’s chief instructor, Mikael Oddershede and senior instructor Kim Frandsen, to teach a private three-hour session on stand-up to clinch fighting. These are the two Danish instructors I helped in the development of their sparring programme via virtual teaching consultancy last year. Having first met Mikael when I taught for Jan Drachman’s  Hinnerup Karate in November 2019 (my second teaching visit to Denmark), I have been happy to assist […]

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Anti-Bullying Teacher Programme 6 (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 11.45.09

09.11.2022 The sixth hour of my teacher consultancy for the Drum Kempo Ju Jutsu and Fitness anti-bullying programme looked at bullying targets. This is a subject we half-covered two lessons ago and returned to after a segway into attitude training. We picked up with a look at not the most obvious bullying targets. Shyness and visible lack of confidence are often covered in anti-bullying works. However, individuals who easily triggered into any emotional state are attractive to forms of entertainment […]

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Thunder and Courage (diary entry)


09.11.2022 “Learn from the Fight” continued from the previous less0n by staying with the heavyweight division to show just how competitive it had now become. We first looked at the rise of another fearful force in the heavyweight division – considered by many as the most feared boxer of all time – Sonny Liston. Then we covered Floyd Patterson’s fifth defence of his world title facing Ingemar Johansson. Sonny Liston versus Cleveland Williams 15.04.1959  Charles L. “Sonny” Liston’s date of […]

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Injury Contingence Training Continues (diary entry)

cover close

08.11.2022 My second private lesson on Tuesday continued work with my security officer client on his fourth hour. You might recall we are having to work around his injured right hand at present. The lesson included revision of all non-dominant hand strikes taught previously – rear hand straight, rear hook and vertical fist uppercuts. We also went back through the cover protocols and incidental combinations. I introduced clearing targets and striking against grips. Then I brought in the snap kick […]

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Switch Jab Setup (diary entry)

pete and jack

08.11.2022 Tonight’s 1.5 hour class with my long-time client and his teenage nephew looked at a complete Mixed Martial Arts combination and tactic concept. We began with our regular warm-up followed by reaction games, switching levels and 10 minutes of randomised short rounds of very light specific sparring (stand-up, clinch and ground sub-divisions). The combination and tactic was to take the fight from stand-up to a grounded position with minimum clinching. This began with the introduction of the switch-jab. We […]

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Striking Setups for Submissions (diary entry)

Striking from the knee pin1

07.11.2022 Hour two of my couple clients’ course on Mixed Martial Arts groundwork brought us on to layering the striking work from last week with submissions. All of these submissions came from the opponent defending the strikes and taking advantage of the positioning presented. We covered the following: Side control – hammer-fists to the head, knees to the near side ribs and elbows to far side ribs to set up a cutting armbar. Scarf-hold – hook punches into arm-triangle. Knee […]

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Mirror Stance MMA Transition (diary entry)

low kick jamie

04.11.2022 Hour six of my client’s basic Mixed Martial Arts programme concentrated on another set-up from an angle. This time we looked at a more Muay Thai based combination compared to the Boxing based one from last week. We used a teep bait and scoop defence. The fighter throws a teep to the body to encourage a return in like from their opponent. Anticipating this retaliation, the fighter counters with a scooping block and then switch-kicks to the outside of […]

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Striking to Arm Triangle & Cuban Combinations (diary entry)

standing arm triangle

02.11.2022 My third and fourth sessions on Wednesday were my junior Mixed Martial Art and my senior boxing lessons. The junior lesson looked at ground fighting where we used punches from side control and scarf-hold to set up the arm triangle. This is set up in response to the opponent trying to shield strikes with a single arm whilst their other arm is trapped. We finished the class with 2 x 2 minutes of attacking from the top position sparring. […]

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Toonder and Lightning (diary entry)


This lesson looked at the rise of Swedish boxing sensation, Ingemar Johansson as he emerged as a threat to reigning world champion, Floyd Patterson. This was followed by Patterson’s defence of his world title against Brian London. Ingemar Johansson versus Henry Cooper European Heavyweight Championship 19.05.1957 Jens Ingemar “Ingo” Johansson was born on 22nd September 1932 in Gothenberg, Sweden. There isn’t a lot recorded in the public domain of his background prior to boxing but by 1951 he had was part of the […]

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Anti-Bullying Teacher Programme 5 (diary entry)

child fence

02.11.2022 Today’s teacher consultancy for the Drum Kempo Ju Jutsu and Fitness anti-bullying programme focused entirely on the issue of attitude. This is a far larger and deeper subject in the world of self-protection teaching, especially the specific area we explored today: throwing the switch. Attitude is of foundational importance in self-protection teaching and training. This is something I have repeated ad nauseum on this blog, through my blog, my books and on every single course I have run. “Throwing […]

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Injury Contingency Self-Defence Training (diary entry)

Hook palm 2

                  The third hour of my security client’s self-defence course focused on training with his non-dominant hand. In short, he has recently incurred injury outside of my classes to his dominant hand and we have decided to use it as a teaching opportunity. We went through all the previous material focusing on this particular hand including transitioning through postures. Then we looked at situations where he might use his lead hand to […]

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Integrating Cuban Concepts (diary entry)

Jamie Clubb of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts in the Bodyguard drill! (small)

01.11.2022 My client’s boxing course concluded with two more Cuban boxing combinations and an integration process. After warming up with some reaction training and footwork, we went back over the previous three combinations.  Then we moved onto the last two of the series. Unlike the other combinations, these two were weighted at the power end with their asymmetry. After a single initial speed punch they set up two power shots. Combination 4 – jab/corkscrew hook/corkscrew cross to the body Combination 5 […]

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MMA Ground-Fighting Begins (diary entry)

ground and pound

31.10.2022 My couple client began the first hour of their new Mixed Martial Arts Ground-Fighting course. After a warm-up of sport-specific exercises, including drilling attack and defence from guard, we went through striking from different pins. This began with side control where we looked at knees to the hip and ribs as well as elbows to the side and head in addition to hammer-fists. Moving into scarf-hold, we looked at hooks and hammer-fists to the head. In north-south we covered […]

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