Escaping North-South & Sparring (diary entry)


06.06.2022 Hour five of my couple clients’ second course on submission grappling/ground-fighting brought us to defending against the north-south pin. After warming up with appropriate muscle activation and sport specific exercises, we revised the pin transition drills and then I had both clients train this under pressure. The pressure benefits both parties. Those transitioning through the pins get some honest feedback on how well they are maintaining pressure throughout the drill and also whether they being fluid enough. The person […]

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Carter & Smith – The Final Battle (diary entry)

carter v smith 3

Jimmy Carter versus Wallace Bud Smith Undisputed World Lightweight Championship 19.10.1955 Jimmy Carter’s third reign as world lightweight champion was his shortest. This time, despite coming off two wins and a draw against the future world welterweight champion, Tony DeMarco, he lost his first title defence. His opponent was an old foe, Wallace “Bud” Smith, he had roundly defeated in a unanimous decision back in 1950. Smith had been ranked a severe underdog and Carter’s manager, Willie Ketchum, had argued […]

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Ground ‘n Pound & Rubber Guard (diary entry)

half guard attack

01.06.2022 My junior MMA client concluded his work on ground ‘n pound with four rounds of sparring and focus mitt work as well as sport specific exercises to train the top position. My senior submission grappling student revised setting up the rubber guard from closed guard and z-guard; revised gogo-plata, triangle, omoplata and sweeps before learning a new choke and a new sweep. Services

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Reverse-Coaching (diary entry)


01.06.2022 Hour 15 of my teacher consultancy course/CPD taught to Drum Kenpo Ju Jitsu explored further ideas to put young people in charge of crisis situations. I went back to my running a children’s class where I cultivated a self-critiquing and problem solving atmosphere. Building off the principle-centred training methodology of my previous lesson, we discussed how an entire class can be run in a democratic fashion by young students. The class begins with the more experienced students leading the […]

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The Rock & The Mongoose (diary entry)


Rocky Marciano versus Archie Moore Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship 21.09.1955 According to Archie Moore, he had been chasing Rocky Marciano for two years to take this fight. This was not new to him. Ever articulate, Moore had mounted an aggressive letter writing campaign to sports magazines and journals to secure him a shot at Joey Maxim’s Light Heavyweight title. Indeed, he had been the number one contender for that particular title for an astounding six years. Now, knowing time was […]

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Bridge, Snake & Roll (diary entry)


30.05.2022 My couple client’s second course on submission grappling/ground fighting continued into its fourth hour on Monday night (the first course having been undertaken via live streaming at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown). This time we looked at escapes from underneath pins. Although there are clearly nuances and numerous ever-evolving counters to pins, bridging and snaking form principle movements to escape and reposition. The respositioning aspect, as always, is of paramount importance. We cannot simply escape. At best this […]

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Two Hour Personal Training (diary entry)

tracey & liam pt

28.05.2022 I was booked to teach a special two-hour session for Kuroten Karate’s founder and her son. We focused on stand-up fighting, using boxing, kickboxing and muay Thai. After a brief warm-up, we covered footwork from boxing. On the request of my client, I taught angling off and circling out to exit from combinations. I explained differences between most conventional boxing and the peek-a-boo style. The peek-a-boo style arguably lends itself best to martial arts cross training due to the […]

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Submission Grappling Overview (diary entry)

PHOTO-2022-03-08-16-22-57 (1)

26.05.2022 Thursday night saw the penultimate lesson in my client’s return to Mixed Martial Arts course. Tonight we focused on submission grappling, trying to cover all the fundamentals of the ground game. After a warm-up of sport specific and muscle activation exercises, we covered the following basic topics: Top Position Transitioning – flow drill and with mild resistance Top Position Transition Escapes Top Position Submissions – Americana, Kimura, arm triangle, snake-choke, north south choke and reverse arm-triangle from all six […]

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Lambs to the Slaughter? (diary entry)


25.05.2022 Wednesday morning’s “Learn from the Fight” saw 1955’s reigning champions of the two heaviest weight classes destroy the challengers to their position. It would prove to be Rocky Marciano’s penultimate professional fight and Archie Moore Rocky Marciano versus Don Cockell Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship 16.05.1955 Donald John Cockell  was born on 22 September 1928 in Balham, London. He never knew his father. His mother was a dom estic servant from Battersea. His first trade was as a blacksmith from where […]

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Quarrying Technique (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 10.57.42

25.05.2022 Hour 14 with my client from Drum Kempo Ju Jitsu and we continued to explore his Bullyproof Programme. The layout of this programme is very impressive and there isn’t anything I disagree with on a basic level. A strong feature of the course led me onto advising on how I grow good tactical movement in students. The feature was the way Will, the client, uses simple activities like ice-breaking as self-protection teaching methods. As he rightly points out, making […]

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The Ice Bath Cometh! (Insights & Reflections)


Please accept no pretensions of an article, let alone an essay here. These are just some miscellaneous thoughts on cold water therapy inspired by this Marie Claire article. As the article points out, the idea of there being therepeutic benefits to immersing one’s exposed body in low temperatures has a very long history going back to antiquity. However, as the comedian Billy Connolly quipped in his scathing of aromatherapy, so does slavery but we don’t see many people wanting to […]

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Clinch in MMA (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 19.05.34

19.05.2022 My long-term client picked up on his return to MMA revision, finishing at hour seven of a 10 hour scheduled course. Tonight we moved onto the clinch in MMA. After a warm-up and a series of muscle activation exercises, we moved onto partner work. From here we drilled collar and elbow ties, pummelling over-hooks and under-hooks, before moving onto some grip-fighting. Next we went back through some dirty boxing combinations before working a five minute round of clinch-based focus […]

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Muscle Memory Workout & Z-Guard Deep Dive Sweep (diary entry)


18.05.2022 My first lesson changed from being a junior MMA lesson to a junior submission grappling lesson. I decided to focus on getting my client’s body mechanics and relevant conditing up to steam. He needs more exercises he can perform at home to improve his ground-fighting skills. Therefore, we covered a 20 minute non-stop series of exercises replicating movements for bridging, snaking, combat base, hip escapes, hip bumps, kimura from guard, triangle chokes, omoplatas, arm-bars from guard and sit-outs. These […]

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Predators & Bullies (diary entry)

18.05.2022 This is the 13th hour of my teacher client consultation, but there is no way of arguing today’s lesson had anything directly to do with my basic self-protection course. Instead, at my client’s request, we diverted into reviewing his excellent “Bully Proof” three hour course and this prompted a discussion on the nature of bullies. However, before we moved onto certain areas our main area of discussion centred on a recent relevant case within our industry: the case of […]

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Robinson in the Eye of the Tiger (diary entry)

Sugar-Ray-Robinson vs Ralph Tiger Jones 2

 18.05.2022 My second Wednesday lesson was “Learn from the Fight”. We rejoined Sugar Ray Robinson in the second fight of his comeback campaign and discovered Ralph Tiger Jones in perhaps the greatest moment in his boxing career. Sugar Ray Robinson versus Ralph Tiger Jones 19.01.1955 Sugar Ray Robinson had retired his title and his career in boxing after his unsuccessful attempt to rest the light heavyweight crown from Joey Maxim back in 1952. For two and a half years he […]

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Submission Revision (diary entry)


16.05.2022 Hour three of my couple clients’ course on Submission Grappling/Ground Fighting became a technical revision of the material covered in the previous lesson. After a warm-up of various crawls (training specific exercises for ground fighting) I watched them go back over the pinning transition drill and the three submissions from side control: Americana, Kimura, Snake Choke and Arm Triangle. We also went over the scarf-hold versions of these submissions. Takeaway Points from the Lesson: When learning these submissions, always […]

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