Double End Bag Private Lesson in Denmark (diary entry)

Double End Bag PT (1)

  09.02.21 Tuesday night’s second lesson was another teacher consultancy. This time it was with one of my Danish clients, the respected and progressive head coach of Hostebro Taekwondo Klub. This  session took the form of a tutorial on using the double-end (floor-to-ceiling, dodge) bag.The double-end bag is one of the best pieces of training equipment a stand-up fighter could want. Second only to the heavy bag, this bag is superb for teaching timing and fast-twitch muscle reactions. The overall […]

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Training Development Plans (diary entry)

virtual training skype training

09.02.21 My first lesson of Tuesday night was a teacher discussion and consultancy on moving forward with Athena Karate’s stand-up striking programme. As is the norm, we also had tangent discussions about the context of different self-defence tactics home invasion vs general assault vs mid/low-level threats. Stand-up Fighting Programme We are currently making great progress in the adult/advanced junior class using a series of stand-up striking combinations designed to promote rhythm and flow. A few issues were raised regarding what […]

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Hide it with the Feet? (diary entry)

footwork 2

08.02.21 Monday night’s second lesson saw the resumption of my work with the Athena School of Karate adult and advanced student lessons. We are covering the rhythm and flow stand-up striking combination work. Tonight we focused on combinations five and six. These are relatively short, especially combination six, and use footwork to set up opponents. Combination five uses switch-hitting and a shuffle to chain together different punches and eventually set up for a powerful rear kick to the body. Combination […]

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Wipeout! (diary entry)

Virtual Workout Kickboxing

08.02.21 Monday night’s first lesson was my client’s second lesson of her second course of stand-up fighting combinations. These are the same combinations I have been teaching over the past few months to my Saturday client and Athena Karate. We began this course going over the 14th and final combination, completing the set started in the previous course, and then revising combination one to eight. Tonight, after a 10 minute warm-up round of specific material, we went through three rounds […]

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Roll the Dice, Do the Combo (diary entry)


06.02.21 My client’s penultimate lesson focusing on kickboxing combinations put matters into the hands of fate, so to speak, as we rolled the dice for 12 of the 14. After a 10 minute warm-up round, rounds two to four were all performed at the roll of the dice. We are not quite at the stage where each combination is memorised, but it kicked the training up a level nonetheless. The final round alternated between combinations 13 and 14.   Check […]

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Hook Clinic (diary entry)

hook jamie

02.02.21 Tuesday night’s second lesson was a clinic on the hook punch taught to an excellent martial arts teacher in Denmark. We looked at hand preferences and positioning as well as self-defence and sport applications. Hand positioning: There are personal preferences and also tactical considerations. Amateur boxers who throw long hooks tend to do so with their thumb at a horizontal angle to avoid getting reprimanded for slapping. Close hooks are nearly always best thrown using a vertical fist due […]

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Flurry and Smash (diary entry)

diary mary combo 14 (3)

02.02.21 Tonight my teacher consultancy covered their 14th and final combination to promote rhythm and flow in stand-up striking. We then went through the next two combinations to be covered by their school. Much of the lesson became a focus on better transitioning through economical footwork and using the momentum of previous technique. Combination 14 uses the momentum of the Dutch block to deliver force first into a lead hook and later into a cross. Likewise, combination six carries the […]

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Round Kick Clinic (diary entry)


02.02.21 My second lesson on Monday night was an half-hour round kick (roundhouse, turning) clinic for the excellent Athena School of Karate. The school’s head teacher wanted her higher ranking and adult students to have a break in the combination work in order to better focus on the Thai round kick. This technique is reoccurring throughout the 14 combinations and is of vital importance for many forms of stand-up fighting. It is a decidedly different technique to round kicks typically […]

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Another Final Combination! (diary entry)

diary catherine 01 02 21 left cross

01.02.21 My first Monday night client is into her second course on stand-up striking. We made it to the 14th and final combination of this series. As described in Saturday’s lesson, this combination makes use of the Dutch block on both sides. There are different ways to interpret training this in shadow boxing. Firstly, simply see it as a jamming interception of a round kick to the body. This one is easy to envisage and the subsequent technique can roll […]

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The Final Combination! (diary entry)

dutch block

30.01.21 As my client reached his eighth hour of his second course on developing rhythm and flow in stand-up fighting, we completed the 14th combination before going back through the previous 13 over 5 x 10 minute rounds of constant activity. The fianl combination makes use of the Dutch block on both sides. This curiously named technique is simply checking a round or any circular kick to the body with both arms rather than a shin and an arm. It […]

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Unlucky for Some! (diary entry)

kickboxing lesson skype 3

26.01.21 Tonight my teacher consultancy lesson whizzed through combinations from nine to 13. A la my lesson on Monday, we  adapted certain combinations for my client’s lockdown partner who went through them from a seated position. Key points and questions raised/answered: Full pivot kicks are used for certain combinations to promote better flow and especially for doubling up on the same side. The Dutch block can be used to set up the torque for a powerful cross. Asymmetry in technique […]

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Stand up Combination 4 (diary entry)

check superman punch (1)

25.01.21 Monday night’s third and final lesson was also the final half hour of a kickboxing course I have been delivering to the Athena School of Karate. We are working through rhythm and flow Kickboxing/Muay Thai combinations over a 4 x 30 minute session course. I am delighted that Athena wish to book me back to continue with this series of combinations. Tonight we attacked combination number 4, which is an especially explosive series of techniques. As part of the […]

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Rhythm & Flow Combinations 10-13 (diary entry)

kickboxing elbow private lesson

25.01.21 My second Monday night client began her new 10 hour course on stand-up fighting and kickboxing. She trains with her lockdown partner who is recoverying from knee surgery who we adapt the kicking techniques to punching techniques. Like my Saturday client, one of my teacher clients and my current booking with Athena School of Karate, my Monday night client has been working through 14 Muay Thai combinations. Tonight, we revised combination number nine as a warm-up before progressing all […]

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Clinch to Ground PT (diary entry)

grappling private lesson vijay2

21.01.21 Ahead of my eighth “When Parents Aren’t Around” lesson for Forest Schools of Karate I was booked for teacher consultancy on grappling. This took us off into clinch and ground attribute training. We revised material on the collar/elbow tie, wrist-grips, over-hooks/under-hooks, taking the back, waist-locks, double leg takedowns and sprawls. From the collar/elbow tie I taught execution of a standing guilotine choke. From wrist-grips I taught two-on-ones transitioning to the back. From sprawling I taught the anaconda hold/choke and […]

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Defending the Takedown (diary entry)

In-fighting attack7

25.01.21 My ongoing course on “When Parents Aren’t Around” children’s self-protection kicked off my Monday night teaching. We are currently on a diversion route through grappling in order to understand anti-grappling and then move onto anti-abduction. Grappling is also a very common situation for many children to find themselves in due to its primal nature. Tonight we revised dropping levels, neck-ties, under-hooks, taking the back, over-hooks and double-leg takedowns. From here we explored a few incidental techniques such as sweeps, […]

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