The Way of the Southpaw (diary entry)

Boxing southpaw

20.07.19 Saturday morning brought my client up to the seventh hour of his stand-up striking course. Having worked primarily on revising guard positions, we moved onto the tactics of the southpaw. My client is right-handed and always been trained in the orthodox fashion, occasionally switching to southpaw to balance things out. However, now we have decided to look at the specific advantages of using a southpaw stance against an orthodox stance. This is not only a great way to change […]

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Agility Training for Clinch and Stand-up Fighting (diary entry)


17.07.19   The nephew and uncle team focused on agility and grip-breaking in the clinch as well as ring-craft in stand-up fighting. The introduction of the agility ladders and cones has had an influence on this lesson too. I brought in both agility and coordination exercises to form a good amount of the first half of each of these two lessons.   The junior clinch lesson began with the agility ladder. We covered various basic footwork exercises, including the wrestling […]

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Final Stand-up Grappling Lesson (diary entry)

shoulder throw

16.07.2019   On Tuesday I finished my client’s 10 hour course on Basic Clinch/Stand up Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training. We covered some agility exercises specific for wrestling and I introduced the two-handed shoulder throw as the final technique of the course.   After some basic callisthenics and mobility stretches for grappling we moved onto the agility ladder and cones. Ladder drills includes turning the hips and cone drills included at and defence switching angles.   After some solo […]

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Raw Technique (diary entry)


15.07.19   On Monday I began a brand new course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training with a new client. My client’s bespoke course is designed with the objective of firstly learning a kickboxing art, secondly general fitness and conditioning with some emphasis on increasing flexibility. I have advised on looking at technique first with supplementary callisthenics and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching. I chose not to use any protective equipment or focus pads for this lesson […]

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Fight Like an Executioner (diary entry)

anne boleyn

11.07.19   My junior client continued with his basic course on clinch/stand-up grappling. We continued working on attacking from the collar and elbow tie before moving onto over-hooks/under-hooks and changing levels. My senior client focused on comparisons between Western Boxing and Muay Thai set-ups.   The junior lesson began with callisthenic warm-up – Indian press-ups and squats. Then we moved onto bulling from the collar and elbow tie. Here we looked at establishing strong grips, tight transitioning (like a snake) […]

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Hip Throw Intro (diary entry)

o goshi hip throw

09.07.19   Tuesday night was the penultimate hour of my client’s Basic Course on the Clinch. We revised much of the previous material, including combination work and takedown defence before I introduced the hip throw.   Training began with break-falls and rolls followed by sprawling and shadowing low level takedowns (double and single leg). We then moved onto bulling and pummelling, drilling outer reap throws, waist-lock takedowns, arm-drags, two-on-ones and suplexes.   The lesson finished with a study of the […]

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Breaking Grips and Combining Techniques (diary entry)

In-fighting attack1

06.07.19   Saturday’s second lesson brought my two junior clients onto the sixth hour of their course on the clinch/stand-up grappling. We looked at linking techniques together and resistance-based training.   The lesson began with a series of wrestling-based callisthenics. We then moved onto partner drills such as bulling (neck and elbow tie) and pummelling (over hook/under hook). Next we revised the two-on-one, which led us onto chaining techniques together as well as breaking grips. We did some grip sparring […]

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High Guard Base (diary entry)

cover checking

06.07.19   I began Saturday with my first client reaching the five and a half hour mark of his course on Stand-up Striking. Last week we worked a lot on Western Boxing with a particular emphasis on the high guard and a transition to what might be considered its polar opposite, the Philly Shell. This lesson we focused on Muay Thai but also brought a mix of guards – peek-a-boo, long guard, helmet guard and Thai peek-a-boo. The high guard […]

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Two on One (diary entry)

2on1 weapon restraint1

03.07.19   My junior client continued his clinch/stand-up grappling training with more work on the elbow and neck tie-up and outer reap throw, and was introduced to the two-on-one tie-up.   We warmed up with break-fall/roll combinations from all directions. Once I was confident these were smooth enough and we had discussed their benefits when reversing a technique we went straight into the elbow and neck tie-up. Here we looked at fluid transitioning, correct stances and I introduced “bulling”. This […]

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Classic Double-Leg Take Down (diary entry)

double leg

29.06.19 Saturday’s second lesson brought my two junior clients up to the fifth hour of their clinch course. We went back over all three lines of attack and I introduced the double-leg take-down. We warmed up with dynamic stretches, Indian press-ups and Indian squats. Then we went straight into break-fall/rolling combinations from all directions. The lesson moved onto the collar and elbow tie-up, where both my client got a fluid exchanges of bulling. This moved them onto outer reap entries. […]

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Shoulder Rolls & High Guard (diary entry)

mayweather-shoulder-roll (1)

29.06.19 Saturday’s first lesson saw my client finish his fourth hour his stand-up striking course. We continued work on his high guard and I also added in the shoulder roll. This was worked into both Western Boxing and Muay Thai. After a series of callisthenic exercises specific to stand-up fighting we did some mirror footwork. I built on this by feeding my client shots to his high guard. We then moved onto the focus mitts, bringing in various combinations that […]

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Clinch Revision (diary entry)


26.06.19 Tonight saw my junior client start his second private lesson in stand-up grappling/clinch. We went back over all the previous lesson’s material: break-falls, rolls, elbow and collar tie, and the outer reap throw. We warmed up with a series of callisthenic exercises geared towards wrestling, specifically Indian press-ups and Indian squats. We then moved onto forward rolls and backward rolls. This was followed with front, back and side break-falls. Then we combined these movements, creating better familiarisation with recovering […]

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Judas & Circling at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

meme multiple

26.06.2019 Today saw the final lesson of Kingham Hill School’s current term of self-defence training. Due to exams at the end of the summer term, numbers were limited. However, this then leaves me to open up the floor to whatever the students would really like to work on. As it turned out I was impressed by the way the students decided on the activities they wished to engage in. Due to the odd numbers they chose multiple attack situations. Due […]

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Changing Levels in Grappling (diary entry)

single leg 2

15.06.19 My second Saturday morning lesson saw my two junior clients enter their fourth hour of a 10 hour course on clinch/stand-up grappling. We looked more in depth into the waist-lock and taking the back, and I introduced the single-leg take down. We warmed up with a revision on break-falls and rolls. With this confirmed we got straight into some bulling and pummelling. From bulling I introduced the two-on-one position, controlling the arm. There were elements from this, such as […]

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The High Guard (diary entry)

mma guards

15.06.19 My first lesson on Saturday brought my client up to the two and a half hour point of his course on stand-up fighting. We focused entirely on the use of the high guard and within the context of Western Boxing. We began with a simple no-gloves breakdown of the high guard position. Creating a heart-shape, my client cupped his hands either side of his temples and cheeks. From here he moved forward and attempted to “walk me down” whilst […]

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Another Stand-up Grappling Course Begins (diary entry)

body clinch

clinch12.06.19 Wednesday night’s double lesson began with a junior lesson on the clinch/stand-up grappling and was followed by a senior lesson mainly concerned with Muay Thai. The junior lesson introduced break-falls, rolls and the collar and elbow tie. Then we moved onto the first official technique: the outer reap throw. As I have previously discussed with clients who have just begun their clinch/stand-up grappling courses, getting students familiar with rolling and falling is an essential foundation to this range. Not […]

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