Wills, Walker and Loughran (diary entry)

loughran vs braddock diary

25.05.21 Tuesday night’s private teacher consultancy lesson on fight history kept us in the 1920s to cover three more greats that shone in that era. Harry “The Black Panther” Wills vs Luis Firpo (Heavyweight No Title Match) 11.09.1924 Harry Wills is regarded as one of the most egregious examples of a heavyweight boxer denied his opportunity to fight for the biggest prize in his profession. Wills fought most white heavyweight contenders of his era and exhausted the World Coloured Heavyweight […]

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All 14 Combination Challenge (diary entry)

24.05.21 My lockdown couple were back for their sixth hour adapting rhythm and flow combinations on the focus mitts and in compliace with current Covid 19 restrictions. Tonight we went through the 14 focus mitt combinations with one partner doing odd numbers and the other doing even numbers. Next week the roles will change and we start doing randomised combinations after before moving onto some tactics and strategy work.   VAGABOND WARRIORS MARTIAL ARTS CROSS TRAINING WEBINAR 13TH JUNE. CONTACT […]

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Nak Muay on the Rhythm & Flow (diary entry)

21.05.21 Friday night’s client is a nak muay of over 15 years experience, including fighting in Thailand, who has rejoined me since the easing of Covid restrictions in the fifth hour of his course. He and I decided to see how the 14 rhythm and flow combinations would measure up to his background of training. The fit was excellent! He enjoyed the fluidity and the challenge of doing longer combinations. We made it to combination five in just one hour’s […]

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Re-Starting the Combinations (diary entry)

20.05.21 My client moved from online to face-to-face personal training in line with current Covid guidelines. We were able to re-start the same combinations we covered over Skype. We got up to number five, which was sandwiched between a 10 minute warm-up and a static stretch warm-down. Services

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12 Angles and the Final Combinations (diary entry)

third workout cover 2

19.05.21 My Wednesday clients continued directly on from the previous lesson (below). Stick work was all about refining the drills we have learnt since the beginning – single sticks, double stick high and low attacks, stabs and trapping. My kickboxing client finished his series of combinations with combination 13 – jab/cross/weave under rightross/hook/cross/rear elbow/lead knee/lead body kick – and combination number 14 – jab/Dutch block/hook/rear body kick/Dutch block/cross/lead body kick. I use switch knee and a switch kick in both […]

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Boxing Styles, History of the Weight Division & Dempsey’s Era (diary entry)

harry greb

18.05.21 My teacher consultancy lesson on fight history and analysis covered a number of topics that will continue into next week’s lesson. We looked over the boxing era that Jack Dempsey often eclipsed with one call back to the previous era to a man Dempsey publically admitted to fearing, an overview of the basic boxing styles and the history of the weight divisions. Styles of Boxing – Three, Four, Five, More? The 1920s saw Boxing enter a new golden era […]

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Adapting Combination 14 (diary entry)

Straight right

17.05.21 Monday night’s lesson provided me with an interesting challenge. My two partner clients arrived at number 14 again, for the first time on the focus mitts, and there were a few adaptations I needed to make for one of them. You may recall during our previous Zoom sessions that one of my two clients underwent a knee operation. He trained all the way up to the operation and only took out one less afterwards. We have been working hard […]

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Trapping with Sticks & Tricks with Kicks (diary entry)

chamber kick

12.05.21 My first client continued work with single and double stick fighting. We went through some more angles of attack, looking at extra stabs and then at one stick versus two stick sequences. The latter involved side checks to the head and I emphasised rebounding off intercepting strikes. Next we moved onto trapping with the sticks, making use of the butt end of the stick. My second client continued on the focus mitts with rhythm and flow combinations 11 and […]

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Dempsey’s Last Stand (diary entry)

athena 11 05 21

11.05.21 Tuesday night’s second lesson continued my teaching consultancy and my unique course on reviewing combat sport history. This week we continued with Jack Dempsey and looked at his two battles with Gene Tunney, the man who usurped him and he could not beat. However, before and in-between these bouts we had a look at an example of Tunney’s climb to the top and Dempsey’s road back. You will recall that I painted a picture of a totally unprepared and […]

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Combination 7 & 8: Keiryu Finale (diary entry)

keiryu 11 05 21 2

11.05.21 My fourth and final Zoom session with Keiryu Practical Karate covered rhythm and flow combinations seven and eight. These are both fairly simple compared the previous combinations or it can be that everyone was better tuned into chaining techniques. Tonight we looked more into the nuances of certain transitions and set-ups. Combination seven works at close range throughout using a tight head/body/head/body/head/body and left/left/right/left/left/right pattern of punches and long (spear) knee strike. Weight distribution is also very important, using […]

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Combination 13 on the Focus Mitts (diary entry)

extreme academy tarn thai kick2

10.05.21 It was hour four of my couple client’s rhythm and flow padwork combinations on Monday. We went over combination four that feels like a Dutch/Thai hybrid. It has a lengthy punching combinations including a weave/roll before sandwiching in a rear horizontal elbow and a lead spear knee. The elbow and knee strikes bring the fight into close range, the former set up with same side cross and the latter sets up the same side lead leg round kick. Given […]

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Deflecting the Stab, Lateral Movement and Speed Kicking (diary entry)

stick jamie

05.05.21 My first client tonight continued his stick fighting cross training work with me with a revision on our diagonal striking patterns before covering the stab. After a warm-up of mobility and dynamic stretching using the ratton canes we went back over the single stick stick work covering two angled strikes to the head and two angle strikes to the legs. These were performed whilst transitioning through footwork and changing postures. We then applied it to the full double-stick drill […]

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The Manassa Mauler (diary entry)

athena lesson dempsey 2

04.05.21 My teacher consultancy’s bespoke course on combat sport history began with what could be seen as a new era. We watched footage depicting boxers who displayed more footwork, head movement and cleaner punches. The irony here is that Jack Dempsey, the fighter who occupied tonight’s spotlight, is often regarded as a brawler. When reviewing the fights and material, we have to bear in mind that film footage and camera work was improving at a rapid rate. Johnson’s defeat at […]

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Combination 5 & 6 with Keiryu (diary entry)

keiryu 04 05 21 (2)

04.05.21 The third part of my course on “Rhythm and Flow” combinations for stand-up fighting for Keiryu Practical Karate continued on Tuesday. This is a Zoom training experience for adults and teenagers. Tonight we went through the punch and footwork dominant combinations five and six. Combination five is very much a switch-hitting combination. After the initial jab/cross the fighter switches to southpaw and lands with a cross before using shuffle step to throw a right hook/left hook/right uppercut combination to […]

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Dutch Block and Pad-Work on Combination Number 12 (diary entry)

dutch block

03.05.21 Monday’s lesson was the third part of my couple client’s rhythm and flow combination on focus mitts. We are into our third hour of this course. Tonight we worked on the 12th combination. This particular combination sets up a same side low kick to mid kick combination with a jab/cross before tranferring weight back to the opposite side for a cross chained rapidly with a hook and a second cross. At this stage there is concession made for the […]

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Edged Weapon Hard Skills (diary entry)

edged weapon hard skills 1

02.05.21 Sunday saw the conclusion of my trilogy of edged weapon awareness and defence webinars. We focused mainly on hard skills, but this had to be prefaced with observational soft skills (behavioural indicators and presence indicators). Hard skill training went through my priority escape and sounding the alarm procedures upon spotting an armed offender to tactical escape variations to incidental weapons to unarmed methods when cornered. Edged Weapon and Awareness Part 1 Edged Weapon and Awareness Part 2 Services  

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