Workshop for the Study School at the University of Leicester (diary entry)

University of Leicester, UK.

Image via Wikipedia 30.03.11 I was delighted to be invited to give a brief one hour workshop on self protection methods for Leicester University as part of their “Study School” day. Students from a far a field as Salt Lake City, Utah, attended this inaugural event, which featured an extremely diverse array of subjects all loosely associated with the positive and negative aspects of risk. Despite living in possibly the safest times in recorded history, the developed world seems to […]

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Bruce Lee: Human (a review of “The Tao of Bruce Lee”)

Cover of "The Tao of Bruce Lee: A Martial...

  Cover via Amazon Davis Miller argues that, of all the living icons that have emerged in the 20th century, Bruce Lee is perhaps the closest to be revered as a god. This is not just down to his extraordinary worldwide appeal, his legacy on film or in the martial arts, but also the mythology that has built up around him. As Miller points out, few facts have been written about the Little Dragon. It’s quite extraordinary for a modern […]

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Mo Teague’s Hard Target System

Jamie Clubb is scheduled to teach Mo Teague's Hard Target System for Response Security Training at the Zeppelin Building, Farringdon Road, London. This is a weekend course covering frontline civilian self protection methods (pre-fight, in-fight and post-fight). Please see RST's website for booking information.

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Targeting and the arm-bar (diary entry)

Mark Mullen applies an arm bar to Ernesto Mart...

Image via Wikipedia We began by drilling the 11 punch combination and the punch/kick combination as a direct application for the warm-up. Target familiarization has become something of a CCMA trademark. I brought it into the Hard Target courses and do it whenever I feel it is necessary in training. Hitting pads all the time tends to get you good at hitting pads. There has to be overlap. You mould into the equipment you use and start developing abstract techniques […]

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Mo Teague’s Hard Target Seminar

Jamie Clubb teaches Mo Teague's critically acclaimed self protection course for Response Security Training at the Zeppelin Building in London. The seminar includes the patented Confrontation Map, exclusive video footage for soft skills training and the most up-to-date combative training methods. The course is suitable for everyone and often comprises of a vast range of different people from different backgrounds from complete novice civilians to ex-military and law enforcement personnel.

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Grappling – Taking the Back (diary entry)

One wrestler is trying to get the back.

Image via Wikipedia 07.03.11   Since last week was a striking centred class, today we looked at grappling only. Grappling is a rich area of combative study. Within reason, one can grapple at full resistance day-in, day-out and even several times a day with a comparatively much lower level of risk than with striking. It is both a human’s most primal method of unarmed combat and yet, particularly when on the ground, can be their most sophisticated.   We began […]

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The Survivor’s Club – A Book Review

  Despite our disproportionate fear of improbable disasters and the awe we hold those who survive them there is relatively little research into the psychology of what we collectively call the survivor. This might be because the term is so widely applied and too many factors seem to be involved for any single expert in one discipline to consider a connection. Rather than find one unifying principle, Ben Sherwood sees different survivor personalities, but each of them possess at least […]

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Vagabond Warriors

“Vagabond Warriors” Cross Training in the Martial Arts, St Nicholas Primary School Priory Road Kenilworth 12pm – 3pm Conact:

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