Big Throwing and Combination Time (diary entry)





Tonight’s lesson on basic stand-up grappling for martial arts cross training brought us up to the seven hour mark of the scheduled 10 hour course. After an unexpected and extended break between classes I thought it was wise to do a fair amount of revision before we looked at some new techniques. This wasn’t simply just going back over old material, but I looked at encouraging more combination work. After a warm-up of specific mobility and callisthenic exercises we began going through the various grips, stances, holds and hooks. I kept matters lively by interspersing some of the partner work with bouts of specific sparring. Then we began the aforementioned combination work, transitioning between mid and low-line attacks into takedowns.


The new techniques consisted of the belly-to-back suplex and belly-to-belly suplex. In order to prepare my client for this very explosive and powerful movement, we began with the humble back break-fall. From here we focused on creating the arch and moving the shoulders back. We then built up the back suplex by performing the move first from a lying down position then from a sitting start position and then a squatting start position before the entire movement could be executed. We then moved onto the belly-to-belly. Finally we covered the single-arm shoulder throw.

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