Beyond the Southpaw (diary entry)

Boxing Jabmuay thai14.08.19


My regular Wednesday client had a special extended lesson tonight, where we focused more on switch-hitting. We specifically looked at fighting from a southpaw perspective and countering a southpaw from an orthodox stance. This is something I will also address in tomorrow’s lesson with my other client’s new course on sparring.


The lesson began with some more work on the agility ladders. I added in a shifting/pendulum movement and also focused moving in and out an attack line.


We then looked at both the up-jab and the corkscrew uppercut. These are good reverse side lead hand punches. From here we attacked the inside of the lead leg with a low round kick before transitioning to a lead shovel hook to the body. Whilst delivering the round kick I introduced a pawing cross. Next we moved onto trapping/slap-down parries to set up for diagonal and spear knees. Then we moved onto lead hook into either a switch kick or a pendulum kick, both taking advantage of a 45 degree positioning after the hook. These were trained as partner exercises and on the focus mitts/belly pad.


The lesson finished with 3 x 3 minute rounds of sparring – southpaw, orthodox and switch-hitting.

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