Beginning Children’s Self-Protection (diary entry)

With the grading long overdue it was time to get back to the foundation of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts, self-protection. Although I see the very practical benefits that mixed martial arts has to offer when it comes to conditioning and developing attributes for self-defence, it is no replacement. We train MMA virtually every week, as I do not see the point in training self-protection as a regular activity unless you are involved in a professional activity that requires its constant practice. Even then, its very nature demands it to be a strictly limited activity.


We discussed the tenets of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts and how they related to personal security and self-defence. Then we worked the calm and aggressive fence. Senior students performed this exercise against multiple aggressors. The lesson finished with the Strategy One versus Strategy Two game to teach evasion and fast breakaway tactics, as well as awareness. Students are pursued by students in head guards. They have five seconds to break the grip of the students wearing the head-guards.

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