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southpaw combo28.11.2022

As the title suggests my client’s fourth hour of her second Muay Thai course brought us back to mirror stance training. We looked at some simple southpaw combinations, taking advantage of an angled position with the lead leg outside the opponent’s mirrored lead leg.

We began with using the rear hand straights as a jabbing and power weapon. Then we brought in the lead hook, using it as an overhand hook. Here we looked at slipping the jab and responding with the overhand lead hook. The two techniques were brought together – jabbing rear straight/slip/overhand lead hook. Finally, we chained on the rear round kick.

The lesson then moved onto 5 x 3 minute rounds of focus mitt work:

Round 1 – Boxing only

Round 2 – Layering in elbows

Round 3 – Layering clinch and knees

Round 4 – Layering in kicks

Round 5 – Everything with maximum intensity