Attacks from the Two-on-One (diary entry)

2on1 weapon restraint107.08.19


Wednesday’s junior lesson looked at some more agility training for wrestling and building attacks off the two-on-one. The senior lesson was concerned with switch-hitting and fighting the southpaw.


The first half of the junior lesson looked at various drills on the agility ladder. After some general and wrestling specific footwork we moved onto various crawls and escapes, including the sit-out using the ladder. This is great for developing balance when in motion and provides my client with an escape technique against the double-leg takedown we covered last week.


We then locked up with the collar and elbow tie, manoeuvring into the two-on-one. Once the transition was confirmed to be smooth and in one motion, we started looking taking the back. Here we looked at ensuring the position was strong before moving towards a waist-lock. From this point we drilled the waist-lock takedown and the suplex.


The senior lesson consisted of various ladder and agility cone exercises for footwork. Then we moved onto a switch-hitter footwork exercise, using punches first then kicks and finally punches and kicks. From here we revised the build-up combination from last week jab/cross/shovel hook/low round kick/jab/cross/spear knee/jab/high round kick and trained it from both sides.

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