Attacks from Side Control (diary entry)

side controlside control 209.05.2022

The second hour of my couple clients’ course on submission grappling/ground fighting looked at two arm-locks and two chokes from side control. We began the lesson with sport specific exercises and appropriate muscle activation. Then we revised the pin flow drill clockwise and anticlockwise around the body. Next we moved onto the four submissions.

I usually teach the Americana first but thought to take advantage of the standard position adopted by the person being pinned in the flow drill. For ease of movement the person on their back crosses their arms. We looked at switching to the side headlock variation of side control and attacked the bent elbow. From here I taught the arm triangle and the snake choke. These are both submissions I instructed online back during the lockdown period of 2020 and it was good to see my clients both remembering the hold. The could be said for the Americana and Kimura that followed.

We finished the lesson with 2 x 2 minute specific sparring. I lay down and their job was to keep me pinned and attempt a submission.



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