Attacking the Turtle Position (diary entry)

Tarn back mount114.01.20


My first Tuesday night lesson brought my client up to the sixth hour of his second Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. Due to missing a few weeks’ training we decided to do a revision of all the main areas before finishing with work in the turtle position.


We began with ground grappling callisthenics. The final callisthenics included three different types of sit-out exercises that can be utilised to better condition for the turtle position. Then we ran through both the pin flow drill and the guard flow drill. In the former we completed a submission from each pin before transitioning and the latter we ran through some typical submission combinations. The idea was to promote through transitioning and to check with obvious sloppy technique habits picked up in the lesson interim.


Moving our focus back onto the turtle position, we did two flow drills. One drill trained moving around the turtle position, keeping the hips low; the other trained moving out of the turtle into the guard position.


The lesson finished with a basic attack to the turtle which I then explained could be used to set up other techniques.

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