Attacking the Back (diary entry)



My client reached the fourth hour of his Submission Grappling course where we covered attacking from the back in more detail.


We warmed up with various crawls and snaking exercises to activate the right muscles and feed in muscle memory. Then we went straight into half guard.


From the half-guard position we looked at a loose lockdown and revised taking the back mount. From here we also revised the rear-naked choke. I took the time to go over the importance of the seatbelt grip and getting the head over to the opposite side of the opponent rather than going straight for the second leg hook. We covered choking out without getting the hook in.


Next we went onto Kimura gripping the arm on the other side. From here we transitioned the back mount to a body triangle. Here the opponent is given something of a dilemma in his defence. He can try to release the body triangle whereby the fighter can execute an arm-bar or he can use his free arm to defend the arm-bar where he will be set up for a choke. The arm-bar defence typically involves the opponent gripping his hand to reinforce resistance against the Kimura grip. The fighter can then immediately transfer one of his hands to the opponent’s other arm and then execute the choke by gripping his own shoulder, providing a one-arm variation on the rear naked choke.


We then tested the attack and defence of this position in a five minute round of specific sparring.

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