Attacking the Back (diary entry)

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The final part of this particular client’s MMA course was a round-up of most material previously covered with an emphasis on attacking the back on the ground.

We began with our normal warm-FreddyScreen Shot 2020-05-22 at 09.32.23up of dynamic stretching followed by shadow boxing where I grafted on kicks, takedowns and takedown defence to boxing combinations. This area transitioned from instructional to visualisation.

Training switched to the loose heavy bag where we began clinching for knee strikes. Here I coached my client to lift and turn in order to set up for the knee strikes. Then, keeping the clinch position, we changed to double-leg takedowns.

Going to the ground I began the next section with hip surfing. This exercise promotes better movement when attacking the turtle position. Next, I had my client layer in punches and knee strikes from all angles. This was followed with adding an anaconda choke from the front. Then, I introduced half-kneeling from the sides. Finally, we looked at defending against the sprawl with sit-outs from under the bag.

The last section of the lesson was 2 x 3 minute rounds of intensive TSP. Round one consisted of 30 seconds technical boxing, 30 seconds of fast punching, 30 seconds of power punching and then all three sets repeated. Round two was dedicated to Muay Thai with 30 seconds technical kickboxing, 30 second fast knee strikes and 30 seconds round kicks before repeating the sets again.


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