Attacking & Defending Round Kicks (diary entry)

low kick jamie19.11.2021

Tonight was my new junior client’s third hour of his 10 hour course. He is focusing on Muay Thai. This lesson I introduced the low round kick and its defence. We also spent a lot of time looking at stance integrity. Interestingly, Muay Thai’s stance does a vary a lot from teacher to teacher. I was initially taught to have both of my feet pointing towards an opponent with the back heel raised. This is something I have retained up to the present day. However, I have seen a lot of krus (far more experienced than me) adopt a more L-shape with their feet despite maintaining the square hip position. Many of them are also flat-footed. I have decided to not get too tied up with foot placement as different bodyshapes can dictate this too. The main issue is keeping the hips square. Muay Thai footwork distinguishes itself from most other stand-up arts in that it uses a very plodding style. Nak muays rythmically move from one foot to another and keep close to their opponents.

After warming up with matching footwork drills, I layered in jabs, teeps, hooks and their appropriate counters. Then I introduced the low round kick and the shin-check. The lesson finished with 4 x 2 minute rounds of freestyle padwork integrating round kicks with the other techniques.