Attack Lines (diary entry)

2on1 weapon restraint1single leg 221.08.19


Tonight’s junior lesson introduced another attack from the two-on-one for stand-up grappling as well as foot sweeps and the senior lesson went over some core material to be covered in Sunday’s Vagabond Warriors Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training.


The junior lesson began with agility ladder warm-ups, this time including double leg takedown drills. We followed this with bulling/collar and elbow tie, where we continued our work from the two-on-one. It was important to ensure this entry and hold was being correctly acquired by my client’s muscle memory. From here we drilled the single leg takedown entry. We discussed different attack lines and how the lowline nature of the single leg is used in response to the opponent pulling up from the two-on-one, leaving this particular attack line vulnerable. This section was then followed by an introduction to foot sweeps. Using rolled pieces of paper we worked on using the bottom of the foot in a sweeping motion than simply hacking with the feet. This exercise also promotes good hip rotation. From here we blended it with breaking an opponent’s posture in the clinch.


The senior lesson covered the use of teep and jab, kick reaction drills, followed by blending kicks with basic punching combinations, the long guard to spear knee, cross grip to diagonal knee, kick-catch to diagonal knee, Thai clinching and then various basic elbow strikes.



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