Asymmetrical & Symmetrical Ground-Fighting (diary entry)



My self-defence course for Kingham Hill continued with a focus on ground defence. We warmed up with a series of aerobic exercises using techniques covered in previous lessons. This serves as a good way to get students on the move whilst working on muscle memory. Between jogging whilst striking, the class had to react to quick changes in direction, covering, sprawling and changes in footwork. We all then transitioned through postures.


Ground-defence began with asymmetrical ground-fighting. This is fighting from a downed position against a standing enemy. Here we looked at a simple one-on-one situation and worked on protecting, moving into a stronger defensive posture and using kicks. We also applied kicks whilst transitioning and trained the low round kick.


Ground-defence then continued with symmetrical ground-fighting. Here we looked at defence from the mount and the use of the bridge. The emphasis on all ground-fighting was to be proactive in defence and to regain a standing position as quickly as possible.


The lesson finished with specific, progressive sparring. One person attempted to bridge their partner off as they gradually increased their resistance from the mounted position.


We had a discussion on the importance of pressure-testing and learning from failure.

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