Around & Through Guard Passing (diary entry)

half guard attack27.06.2022

Monday night’s lesson brought my couple client to the eighth hour of their submission grappling/ground fighting course. Tonight we looked at basic guard passes. The lesson started with a warm-up of dynamic stretches, muscle activation exercises and sport specific exercises focusing guard passing actions. We then went back through the guard drill taught in the previous lesson.

Moving onto the lesson in earnest, we looked at going around the closed guard. This procedure begins in a neutral posture where the fighter controls the hips whilst standing up using one foot at a time. From here he maintains a strong standing posture, avoiding grips for his ankles, maintaining control over the same side hip and using one hand force open the crossed ankles. Using this same hand he immediately exerts pressure on the closest knee. With the opponent’s legs now suitably controlled he then dives under the opposite side leg and exerts pressure with his hip to go around the guard into the side control pin.

The second pass began from safety position (from the fighter’s perspective) or mission control (from the opponent’s perspective). In short, the person in guard is face down with their arms inside. The fighter goes to a cat stretch to begin forcing the guard open as he shifts backwards to create space. This space is immediately filled by a knee as the fighter assumes a combat base position. He then puts pressure onto the leg and cross-faces the opponent. With one of the opponent’s legs now totally pinned to the ground along with the opponent’s upper body, the fighter now needs to backward scissor his other leg. This is a sweeping motion that brings the fighter into a reverse scarf-hold pin.