Arm Triangles and Snake Chokes (diary entry)



The ninth lesson of my client’s Mixed Martial Arts course saw her and her fellow self-isolated partner focus a lot on ground-work. We stayed in side-control, prompted some escapes and looked at set-ups for submissions.


The lesson began with some simple callisthenics, movement exercises and dynamic stretching starting with the neck and ending with the calves. We then moved into some shadow boxing, drawing combinations and individuals techniques from stand-up and clinch ranges. Training then went to partner work.


Partner work began with punch-kick combinations, working low kicks and teeps mainly. I also covered countering the teep and attacking the bladed stance. We also did a few oblique kicks. Thai clinch was up next with the curved-knee strike drill and basic footwork. We then chained punching combinations onto double-leg takedowns. We next moved to the ground.


On the ground we stayed in side-control and revised the Americana. When I was satisfied this was being put on correctly and both participants were able to do without telegraphing, we looked at likely attempts to escape from underneath and countering with an arm triangle. Whilst on the subject of the arm triangle, I thought it was a good opportunity to cover the snake choke. My client and her partner will discover this particular choke will be especially useful from the scarf-hold position.

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