Arm-Drags & Uppercuts (diary entry)

Botley Class 3 uppercut08.03.2023

My junior class introduced techniques found in Greco-Roman Wrestling. Both of these techniques focused on the use of the arm-drag. We covered variant technical points such as the depth of the grip. Personal preference might have the fighter grip the elbow or the tricep. For purposes of today’s lesson we went with the tricep grip as close to the armpit as possible.

We warmed up with a back-take sequence but then altered this entry for a side-by-side takedown for the first technique. Here the fighter uses the arm-drag to place themselves next to their opponent and to use a sit-down action to drive the opponent to the ground. The second technique used an arm-drag to a single under-hook and then drives forward to break the opponent’s balance and pin them on the ground.

My senior class was Muay Thai where we not only looked at that style’s peculiar rear-hand straight to clinch but also how nak muays throw uppercuts. The traditional Thai uppercut closely resembles what Boxing would consider to be an upward angled hook (the type Jersey Joe Walcott used to knock out Ezzard Charles in their third match) although, much like the cross, the Boxing version is also used.

The lesson finished with 5 x 3 minute rounds of sparring:

Round 1 – Punching versus kicking

Round 2 – Ditto

Round 3 – Clinch with strikes

Round 4 – Freestyle

Round 5 – Freestyle


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