Anti-Grappling Pressure Test at Kingham Hill (diary entry)

eye gouge standing12.06.19


Today my Kingham Hill School Self-Defence class continued their anti-grappling work, covered some progressive pressure-testing and also some ground-fighting work.


After a warm-up of transitioning through postures and ground movements, we picked up from where we left off in the previous lesson. This was the defence from a clinch against a wall, which combined eye gouges with head-butts, elbow strikes and palm strikes progressively. These were then applied to the focus mitts and finally in two rounds of progressive pressure testing.


We then moved onto the ground, where we covered asymmetrical and symmetrical ground-fighting. Asymmetrical ground-fighting revisited the cover and looked at moving efficiently so that the defenders could kick out at an enemy before getting back to their feet. Symmetrical ground-fighting looked at defending from the guard position, where we trained the scissor sweep to knee-pin.

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