Anti-Grappling Continues (diary entry)


I continued my series of anti-grappling classes with Athena School of Karate as we looked at countering lowline takedowns. After the warm-up we looked at the double-leg takedown as a model attack for an attacker to use. Quite simply, there is a primal form of tackling that individuals will commonly default to when struggling with someone around similar size in the clinch. When there is a substantial size, weight and strength difference it is common for the larger individual, such as an adult, to pick up the smaller individual in a similar fashion by grabbing their legs and hoisting said smaller individual over their shoulder. The double-leg takedown is a trained action that is more effecient than either of these two methods to unbalance an individual. Therefore, it works well as a means for feeding the anti-grappler.

With the attack trained, our attention now moved onto the defender. Here I trained the sprawl. This movement trains retaining a defender’s balance, controlling the person grabbing the legs and helps teach smaller people drop their weight on someone attempting to lift them. We then chained a spear knee strike to the head onto the sprawl.