Anti-Grappling Children’s Self-Defence (diary entry)

forest school karate anti grappling WPAA session22.03.21

Forest School of Karate invited me back for the fourth and final hour of the anti-grappling section. The previous session finished covering the basics of grappling to lie a foundation for the anti-grappling. Having confirmed the behaviour of striking whilst being grappled and retaining strong grappling positions, it was time to look into more serious clinch and ground situations when striking options were less attainable. This included sprawling, biting, eye gouges, head-butts and elbow strikes. As is the case with all realistic self-defence training with children, it is important to convey the context for when such tactics would be used. The lesson was finished with a demonstration on escaping attacks from the behind, introducing the cut-off previously covered in this PT.

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knife and edged weapon webinar

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