Another Stand-up Grappling Course Begins (diary entry)

body clinchclinch12.06.19

Wednesday night’s double lesson began with a junior lesson on the clinch/stand-up grappling and was followed by a senior lesson mainly concerned with Muay Thai.

The junior lesson introduced break-falls, rolls and the collar and elbow tie. Then we moved onto the first official technique: the outer reap throw. As I have previously discussed with clients who have just begun their clinch/stand-up grappling courses, getting students familiar with rolling and falling is an essential foundation to this range. Not only does it ensure that takedowns can be practised safely and sparred safely, but the students will also learn how to reverse, counter and escape by using these skills.

The senior lesson looked at correcting stances when moving away from a low kick and intercepting attacks. We began with a Dutch Kickboxing style warm-up, consisting of kicking and returning kicks. Then we looked at sweeping away teeps to counter with a cross and a diagonal knee. We then zeroed in on a common problem with avoiding low kicks: moving back into a narrow neutral stance. This stance is unstable and leaves the fighter open to straight kicks and punches. I noticed this happened when a fighter was cornered. We addressed footwork and shin-checking as well as intercepting kicks more efficiently. Whilst we were on the subject of footwork, I covered jabbing and kicking on the move off the same side to set up for a cross. This was a combination covered in Saturday’s first lesson.

The lesson finished with three rounds of Muay Thai sparring.

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