Another Final Combination! (diary entry)

diary catherine 01 02 21 left cross

Cross from southpaw stance – online kickboxing training


My first Monday night client is into her second course on stand-up striking. We made it to the 14th and final combination of this series. As described in Saturday’s lesson, this combination makes use of the Dutch block on both sides. There are different ways to interpret training this in shadow boxing. Firstly, simply see it as a jamming interception of a round kick to the body. This one is easy to envisage and the subsequent technique can roll quite fluidly off it. Secondly, visualise it as kick catch and follow through with a technique unbalance your opponent. None of our combinations in this series particularly facilitate this one. Thirdly, see it as a failed kick-catch with the need to advance with a large shifting step.

After spending 10 minutes on this particular combination, the subsequent rounds brought us up to combination number eight. Again, my client has a lockdown partner who is recovering from an injury and we adapted the various kicks for hand techniques. Shin checks become Dutch blocks, low kicks are either uppercuts or hooks to the ribs and round kicks to the body are liver or spleen shovel hooks.

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