All Ranges MMA (diary entry)



Wednesday night saw my ongoing junior Submission Grappling and senior Mixed Martial Arts lessons. We continued our work on escaping the North-South position in the first class and I covered various areas in all three ranges of MMA in my second class.


We warmed up with stationary specific ground-grappling movements. This includes upas, snaking, sit-outs and lizard push-ups. Then we went straight to the North-South escape. We worked more on getting the upa movement structurally strong. Details such as retaining a tighter position through the turning action in order to access the opponent’s the leg in a turtle posture at greater speed were emphasised. Then we looked at the sweep, ensuring that the body moved as one unit as if performing a type of single-leg takedown from the knees.


The senior lesson was warmed up using partner work at all ranges. We did mirror footwork, introducing back peddling, slide steps, diamond steps and hop steps. Then we began switching levels, linking stand-up to clinch ranges. Then we stayed in the low stance and practised moving more fluidly from this range. The warm-up was completed with some long-guard passing.


We then went back to stand-up and looked at entering the clinch from this range. This began with the slap-down parry jab into rear slap-down parry/collar tie/cross punching which was then turned into a drill, switching sides. Next we used slipping to throw a hook/collar tie taking inspiration from Randy Couture. Our inspiration next came from Tito Ortiz where we used his posting to striking response to takedown attempts. Next we went back into pummel punching/dirty boxing drills. Going to the ground, we looked at the knee-shield and dog-fight sweep from half-guard.

The lesson finished with a five minute round of MMA sparring

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