Against the Wall MMA (diary entry)

Against the Cage1 Against the Cage2 clinch30.01.20


Thursday night’s lesson was the third hour of my junior client’s MMA where we worked fighting against the wall/cage.


We warmed up with an extended series of MMA callisthenics in order for my client to have a good selection to use in her own training. This consisted of several line work movements from Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before moving onto the agility ladders working all three ranges of stand-up, clinch and ground.


We looked at ways to corner opponents to get them against the wall. This included using diamond steps and “cutting off the ring/cage”. From here we looked at teeps and pushing techniques followed by knee-bombs and clinching against the wall. I then isolated the clinching and we looked at using both Muay Thai and Wrestling principles, pummelling with one hand and punching with the other, collar tie and using the plumb to grip and manoeuvre whilst throwing knee strikes. We then went to the wall and worked from this position, using shovel hooks, overhand strikes, shoulder bumps, knee bumps and various knee strikes. We also covered countering being turned into the cage and takedowns against the cage. From this point we moved onto stacking and punching down as well as ground ‘n pound techniques in the guard.


The lesson finished with one five minute round of focus mitt/belly pad work outside and against the wall and one three minute round of MMA sparring.

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