Adding the Low Kicks (diary entry)

low kick jamie01.08.2022

The second hour of my client’s 10 hour course on fundamental Muay Thai introduced the round kick and, more specifically, the low round kick.

We began the lesson with the usual dynamic warm-up and specific exercises. I layered in shin-checks, spear-knee strikes and teeps as part of the dynamic stretching. Knees and shin-checks are new to this client. They were trained in application and later put onto the focus mitts and used against round kicks respectively. I then went back through the basic mechanics of the jab and cross (rear hand straight) as well as the cover and four blocks taught in the previous lesson

Next we moved onto the round kick. I explained the difference between the Savate inspired round kicks of Karate, Taekwondo and other non-Southeast Asian martial arts and those of Muay Thai. This was applied as a low kick, striking the femoral and sciatic nerves of the leg. The lesson finished with 2 x 2 minute rounds of pad work, where we trained jabs, crosses, spear knees, teeps, shin-checks.


Watch the demo video here